Points Value: Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines points are easy to use because the cash price of the ticket is directly correlated to the number of points needed.

The cheaper the flight, the fewer points are required.

Our calculations show that Southwest points are worth 1.36 cents per point on average.

We calculated this number based on the prices for ten domestic and ten international flights as shown below.

Using Points With Southwest

Redeeming points for Southwest flights is really easy. Just check the points box on flight search on Southwest’s home page.

Southwest booking

You are then given flight search results. Remember the cheaper the flight, the less points are required. 

You can generally get the best flight deals booking Southwest flights far in advance. Flights within two weeks of departure are typically quite expensive.

Southwest Flights Using Points
Southwest Flights Using Points

In this flight search, the $103 cash ticket only costs 6,863 points, whereas the flight that cost almost twice as much $197 costs about twice as many points (14,196 points). 

Southwest flights using cash
Southwest Flights Using Cash

You can also save points if the price of your flight drops. All you have to do is rebook your flight and Southwest will refund the points to your account. 

Points Value: Domestic Flights on Southwest

We looked at the prices of ten different domestic flights to find the average value of one point. 

We found that one Southwest point is worth about 1.38 cents, but the cheapest flights have the highest points value.

You can calculate the cents per point with a simple formula of (Cash price – taxes and fees) divided by the number of points. 

Taxes and fees for domestic flights are $5.60 each way or $11.20 round-trip.

Route Points Cash Cents Per Point
STL-LAX 13,650 $186 1.32
FLL-HOU 14,040 $191 1.32
BWI-MDW 11,700 $161 1.38
LAX-SEA 3,744 $63 1.53
DAL-MSP 6,084 $89 1.37
FLL-ATL 6,084 $89 1.37
OAK-LAS 5,148 $87 1.58
OAK-HNL 12,012 $165 1.33
MDW-MSY 6,153 $89 1.36
HOU-ABQ 15,522 $210 1.32

Points Value: International Flights on Southwest

We also looked at the prices of ten international flight to see if there was a big difference in the points values.

Taxes and fees are higher for international flights and can be between $5 to $49 each way.

We found that Southwest points are slightly lower on average than domestic flights with an average value of 1.34 cents per point.

Route Points Cash Cents Per Point
STL-CUN 16,926 $258 1.34
LAX-CUN 18,486 $278 1.33
DAL-AUA 22,620 $315 1.32
MDW-PUJ 16,302 $265 1.34
BWI-NAS 13,104 $179 1.32
HOU-MBJ 13,026 $222 1.32
SMF-SJD 12,012 $195 1.36
DEN-BZE 13,962 $194 1.35
HOU-BZE 12,402 $170 1.33
FLL-SJO 7,722 $126 1.34

Taxes and Fees One-Way: Cancun-CUN ($31.77), Aruba-AUA ($15.60), Punta Cana-PUJ ($46.90), Nassau, Bahamas-NAS ($5.60), Montego Bay, Jamaica- MBJ ($49.60), Cabo San Lucas- SJD ($31.77), Belize- BZE ($5.60), and Costa Rica-SJO ($22.15).

The Verdict

Southwest Rapid Rewards points are worth 1.36 cents per point on average for domestic and international flights.

You can get a slightly better value redeeming Southwest points for domestic flights, but international flights are still reasonable at 1.34 cents per point

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