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Cathay Pacific has four main lounges with the Wing and the Pier having two sub-lounges, one of business class and one for first class. If you have time, try to arrive about six hours early and try out all of the lounges, especially if you are flying first class.

The Wing

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  • Amenities:
    • Business Class Section- 24 shower suites, the Noodle Bar, the “Long Bar,”
    • First Class Section- The Haven (sit down restaurant) champagne bar, and the private cabanas. The Private Cabanas are amazing and have a nice shower, bath, and lounging area. If you want to access the Cabanas, you need to get to the airport early. I had to wait about 45 minutes for one to open up. 
  • Hours: 5:30 AM until last departure
  • Location: Gates 1-4

The Pier

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  • Amenities
    • First Class Section- Eight private day suites with a view of planes and the tarmac, shower suites, and foot massages. The private suites were nice and easy to get, but not as cool as the Wing’s Private Cabanas. There is typically a waiting list for the massages. The list was about 2 hours long when I went.
    • Business Class Section- The Noodle Bar, the Tea Lounge, and lots of other food stations.
  • Hours: 5:30 AM to last departure
  • Location: Between Gates 62 and 64.

The Deck

Entrance Requirements

  • First Class Lounges– First Class customers on Cathay Pacific/Dragon or OneWorld (with one guest); Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Emerald members of the Oneworld alliance.
  • Business Class Lounges– First Class customers on Cathay Pacific or OneWorld (with one guest), Business Class customers, Silver and Gold members of The Marco Polo Club, and Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald.

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Economy Class

Boeing 777

Premium Economy

Boeing 777

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