Best Ways to Redeem Hilton Honors Points

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There are a lot of ways to use your Hilton Honors points including for hotel stays, at Amazon, with Lyft, and transferring points to airlines.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about redeeming your Hilton Honors points.

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    Use Hilton Points for Hotel Stays

    The best way to use your Hilton Honors points is for hotel stays.

    Hilton no longer publishes an award chart with category levels. For example, you could previously book a Category 3 hotel with 20,000 points.

    Hilton now prices hotels based on a range, which varies widely by hotel. 

    In the example below, you could pay a reasonable 25,000 points per night or more than triple that amount during high peak times.

    Hilton Variable Pricing Example

    You can check the points range for any hotel with Hilton’s Points Explorer Tool.

    Hilton Award Pricing Lookup

    The stated points range only applies to a “Standard Room Reward.” 

    Hotels can price their “Premium Room Rewards” outside the stated range at astronomical rates. 

    For example, even though the Superior Water Villa’s cash rate is only $48 more per night than the Water Villa, the points price is 318,000 more points per night.

    Standard vs. Premium Room Awards

    If you want to check the exact pricing of your specific date, it is best to visit, enter your dates, select “Use Points” by first clicking “Special Rates,” and click “Find a Hotel.”

    Use Hilton Honors Points

    You will then see a map of the area and the points cost for your specific dates for each hotel.

    Hilton Points Hotel Stay Cost

    The points pricing is heavily affected by the demand during your dates and location. 

    Examples of high demand dates, with the highest points pricing, typically occur around: 

    • Spring Break
    • Holidays
    • Large concerts or sporting events.
    • During the winter near ski resorts.
    • During the summer near beaches.
    • During the summer in Europe.
    • December in New York City.
    • Weekends at leisure hotels.
    • Weekdays at business hotels.
    For example, the Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa, located next to a great ski resort, is typically 80,000 points during winter months and 44,000 points in the summer.
    Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa
    Photo: Hilton

    Additionally, some premium hotels rarely offer standard rooms at reasonable prices during peak times.

    The Waldorf Astoria Park City Utah regularly prices the peak winter months at 350,000+ points per night from January to early April, with the price dropping to 63,000 points per night during the off-season.


    Hilton Honors Points Value

    Hilton Honors points are worth on average 0.69 cents per point based on our calculations.
    You will receive better value at Hilton’s more expensive luxury hotels and resorts:
    • Top-Tier Hotels ($500+/night) = 0.85 cents per point
    • Mid-Tier Hotels ($200-500/night) = 0.62 cents per point
    • Low-Tier Hotels (under $200/night) = 0.61 cents per point

    But most people would not pay $700+ per night for a hotel, we think 0.62 cents per point is likely a more realistic value for Hilton Honors points. 

    To come up with our Hilton Honors points value we looked at nine top-tier, mid-tier, and low-tier hotels.

    We examined the points cost and the cash price including taxes, to calculate a cents per point (CPP) for each hotel. The formula for CPP is (Cash Price / Points Cost) to give you a value of a single point.

    Top-Tier Hotels

    Hotel Points Cost Cash Price CPP
    Conrad Maldives 95,000 $1,110.83 1.17
    Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam 95,000 $821.91 0.87
    Grand Wailea (Maui) 95,000 $877.74 0.92
    Conrad Bora Bora Nui 89,000 $735.88 0.83
    Casa Marina (Key West) 63,000 $530.00 0.84
    Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos 120,000 $1060.80 0.88
    Hotel del Coronado 95,000 $727.53 0.77
    The Biltmore Mayfair 95,000 $625.95 0.66
    Conrad Tokyo 95,000 $649.03 0.68

    Mid-Tier Hotels

    Hotel Points Cash CPP
    Gabriel Miami 48,000 $267.30 0.49
    Hilton Garden Inn Charleston SC 42,000 $347.48 0.83
    LondonHouse Chicago 49,000 $411.55 0.84
    DoubleTree Los Angeles 41,000 $262.67 0.64
    Hilton Tokyo 50,000 $231.93 0.47
    Waldorf Astoria Berlin 64000 $333.40 0.52
    Hilton Playa del Carmen 57,000 $281.96 0.49
    Hilton Seattle 49,000 $341.34 0.70
    The Artic Club Seattle 34,000 $215.05 0.63

    Low-Tier Hotels

    Hotel Points Cost Cash Price CPP
    DoubleTree Lexington 27,000 $168.71 0.62
    DoubleTree Albuquerque 24,000 $135.22 0.56
    Embassy Suites Charlotte 25,000 $156.57 0.63
    Tru Columbia SC 24,000 $150.54 0.63
    Hilton Prague 36,000 $179.52 0.50
    Hilton Santa Fe 31,000 $194.37 0.63
    Hilton Garden Inn Omaha 21,000 $133.58 0.64
    Hampton Inn Seattle 28,000 $176.61 0.63
    Tru Knoxville 19,000 $125.46 0.66

    Points & Money

    You can also redeem a combination of points and cash for your hotel stay.

    The value of each point with “Points & Money” is almost the same as when you redeem points for a free room.

    There may be a slight difference since the more points you use, the less taxes you pay on the room.

    Hilton Points and Money
    You will need at least 5,000 points in your Hilton Honors account to unlock the Points & Money feature, and you can only pay in increments of 1,000 points.

    Fifth Night Free

    You can also get a fifth night free on award booking if you are a Hilton Honors elite member.

    For example, if a hotel costs 30,000 points per night, you could book five nights for 120,000 points instead of 150,000 points.

    Hilton Fifth Night Free Example

    The fifth night free does not work with Points & Money bookings.

    If you move the slider from 120,000 points to 119,000 points, you have to pay the fifth night in cash ($138.32 in this example).

    Points and Money Fifth Night Free

    You also get a fifth night free for your 10th, 15th, and 20th consecutive night. 

    Plus, you can use this benefit an unlimited amount of times per year.

    10th Night Free

    You can easily get elite status from credit cards to utilize the Fifth Night Free:

    American Express Hilton Honors– Earns 7x points at Hilton, has no annual fee, and provides Silver elite status.

    American Express Surpass– Earns 12x points at Hilton, has a $95 annual fee, and provides Gold elite status.

    American Express Aspire– Earns 14x points at Hilton, provides Diamond elite status, offers a $250 airfare credit, $250 resort credit, Priority Pass, a free weekend night, and has a $450 annual fee.

    American Express Hilton Business-Earns 12x points at Hilton, has a $95 annual fee, and provides Gold elite status.

    American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Credit Card

    Plus, all of the American Express Platinum cards offer Gold elite status:

    American Express Platinum Card

    You can also get Gold elite status with a FoundersCard membership, which offers nice benefits for frequent travelers and business owners.

    Founderscard Charter Member min

    Lastly, the Fifth Night Free only works on standard award rooms. It will not work if one date is considered a “Premium Room Award.”

    Transfer Points to Airline Partners

    You can transfer your Hilton Honors points to airline mileage programs, but transfers can take up to 30 days to process.

    We don’t recommend transferring Hilton points to airlines because the rate is 10 Hilton points to 1 airline mile for most programs.

    For example, Alaska Airlines miles are some of the most valuable airline miles, and we value them around 2.3 cents each.

    Transferring your Hilton points to Alaska Airlines would value Hilton points at 0.23 cents each (2.3 cents/10).

    We value Hilton points at 0.62 cents per point, so you could be almost 3x better off redeeming Hilton points for hotel stays rather than transferring points.

    Transfers could make sense if you were 1,000 to 2,000 airline miles from a free flight, but you may have to wait a while for the points transfers to go through.

    You are better off transferring Marriott Bonvoy points to airlines in almost all situations.

    Airline Partner Transfer Rate
    Aeroflot Aeroflot 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles
    AEROMEXICO LOGO AeroMexico 25,000 HH points to 6,500 miles
    Air Canada Air Canada Aeroplan 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Air Asia Logo Air Asia 10,000 HH points to 2,000 miles
    Air France Air France-KLM Flying Blue 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Air New Zealand Air New Zealand 5,000 HH points to 10 Airpoints
    Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    American Airlines American Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles
    ANA All Nippon Airways (ANA) 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Asiana Airlines Asiana 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    British Airways British Airways 10,000 HH points to 1,000 Avios
    Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific Asia Miles 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    China Eastern China Eastern 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Delta Air Lines Delta Air Lines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 SkyMiles
    Emirates logo Emirates 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Ethiopian Ethiopian Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Etihad Etihad Airways 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Eurowings logo Eurowings 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    EVA Air EVA Air 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Finnair logo Finnair 5,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Frontier Frontier Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles
    Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Hainan Airlines Hainan Airlines 25,000 HH points to 10,000 miles
    Hawaiian Airlines logo Hawaiian Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles
    Icelandair logo Icelandair 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Japan Airlines Japan Airlines (JAL) 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Jet Airways logo Jet Airways 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    LATAM Airlines LATAM 25,000 HH points to 6,500 KMs
    Malaysia Airlines logo Malaysia Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,200 miles
    Philippine Airlines Philippine Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Qatar Airways logo Qatar Airways 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    SAS SAS 8,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Saudia Airlines Saudia Arabian Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines 4,000 HH points to 500 miles
    South African Airways South African Airways 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles
    Turkish Airlines logo Turkish Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    United Airlines logo United Airlines 10,000 HH points to 1,000 miles
    Virgin Atlantic logo Virgin Atlantic 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles
    Virgin Australia logo Virgin Australia 10,000 HH points to 1,500 miles

    Transfer Hilton Points to Amtrak

    You can also transfer Hilton Honors points to Amtrak at a rate of 10,000 Hilton Honors points to 1,500 Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

    However, we still don’t recommend you transfer Hilton points to Amtrak because of the sub-par transfer ratio.

    Use Hilton Points at Amazon

    You can use your Hilton points at Amazon by linking your accounts, but the rate is a very lousy 0.2 cents per point. 

    We don’t recommend cashing out Hilton points at that rate, unless your points are about to expire.

    There were very brief periods of time when you could cash out Hilton points for 0.5 cents at Amazon, but this promotion hasn’t returned since 2019. 

    Hilton Honors Redeem points at Amazon min

    Use Points for Hilton Experiences

    You can also redeem Hilton points for Hilton Experiences, which can be a very unique activity such as a virtual race against a professional driver.

    Hilton Experiences Using Points

    Hilton Experiences can also include restaurants, tours, and spa treatments. 

    Hilton Experiences Using Points Tours and restaurants

    You can get decent value from redeeming your Hilton Honors points for Hilton Experiences, but you are probably better off redeeming points for hotels.

    For example, the brunch for two in Singapore costs 50,000 points, but you can normally buy the same brunch for two for $233.16 USD, which gets you 0.47 cents per point.

    Redeeming Hilton Points for Lyft

    You can redeem Hilton Honors points for Lyft credits by linking your accounts.

    We don’t recommend this redemption because you only receive 0.22 cents per point in value.

    But the Hilton and Lyft partnership is a great way to earn 3 Hilton points per dollar on Lyft rides and 2 Hilton points per dollar on shared Lyft rides.

    Hilton Lyft Use Points

    Donate Hilton Honors Points

    Another option is to donate your points to the charity of your choice.

    There are thousands of charities to choose from and donations start at 4,000 points.

    The charity will receive 0.25 cents per point, which equals:

    • $10 for 4,000 points
    • $25 for 10,000 points
    • $125 for 50,000 points
    • $250 for 100,000 points
    Hilton Donate Points to charity

    Using Hilton Points for Event Credits

    You can redeem points for a discount on your next Hilton event, but the redemption rate is a very low 0.2 cents per point:

    • 25,000 Points = $50
    • 50,000 Points = $100
    • 75,000 Points = $150
    • 125,000 Points = $250
    • 250,000 Points = $500

    Pooling Hilton Points

    You can pool your points with up to ten other Hilton Honors members for free.

    A few things you should know are:

    • You can transfer between 1,000 and 500,000 points each calendar year.
    • You can receive up to 2 million points each calendar year.
    • A person must be a Hilton member for at least 30 days and have a minimum balance of 1,000 points.
    • You can make up to six transfers per calendar year.
    • You can redeem points with pooled points up to six times per calendar year.

    The Verdict

    The best way to use Hilton Honors points is for hotel stays. You should try to achieve at least 0.60 cents in value when deciding whether to pay for a hotel or use your Hilton points.

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