Priority Pass Airport Lounges Ultimate Guide

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Flying can be very stressful. All those long lines, security checks, and flight delays are just a lot to deal with. Fortunately, Priority Pass lounges can make your airport experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Want to get some work done before your flight? Plug in your laptop and connect to the lounge’s free Wifi while sipping your drink.

Tired after a long flight? Plop into a cozy sofa while watching TV or take that needed power nap.

Today, we’ll go into detail on what Priority Pass Lounges are. We’ll discuss how to access these exclusive lounges, explore their various locations, and discover the many benefits they offer.

The Club Lounge
Photo: The Club (a Priority Pass Lounge)

What are Priority Pass Lounges?

Priority Pass boasts an extensive network of 1,300 lounges in 600+ airports across 150 countries.

These lounges include Plaza Premium, The Club, Minute Suites, Aspire, and more.

Additionally, Priority Pass also gives you access to non-lounge partners like Gameway (gaming zones) and Be Relax Spa (spa services).

Priority Pass Benefits

Having a Priority Pass membership is definitely worth having for travelers, especially if you fly a lot.

Here are the main benefits you’ll enjoy in most Priority Pass lounges: 

  • Free beverages and pre-flight snacks.
  • Hot food in select lounges.
  • Free alcoholic drinks in most lounges.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Power outlets and USB ports for mobile devices and laptops.
  • Comfortable seats and relaxing spaces for work and relaxation.

Just remember that the quality of Priority Pass lounges varies from one location to another.

For example, the Turkish Airlines lounge in Washington, DC flaunts a spacious, fancy space and offers delicious, warm food and a cozy bar.

On the other hand, the Swissport Lounge in Chicago, Illinois only provides a self-serve selection of basic snacks and drinks. 

How Access Priority Pass Lounges

There are two ways to get a Priority Pass membership, you either pay for it or get it for free from eligible credit cards.

Priority Pass Select Membership through Credit Cards

The best way to get Priority Pass is via a credit card since it is a benefit of many credit cards. This version of the membership is called “Priority Pass Select.”

Here are your options for a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership via credit cards:

Credit Card Access

Unlimited with two guests.

Unlimited with two guests.

Unlimited with two guests.

Unlimited with two guests.

Unlimited with two guests.

Capital One Venture X Business
Unlimited with two guests.
Citi Prestige
Unlimited with two guests.

4 free visits + 4 guest visits per year ($35 after).

4 free visits per year ($35 after).

Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Elite Credit Card

4 free visits per year ($35 after).

Priority Pass Paid Membership

Buying a Priority Pass annual membership is also another option. 

There are three types of memberships that Priority Pass offers:

  • Standard: This plan costs $99/year and members must pay $35 per visit.
  • Standard Plus:  This plan costs $329/year and members will get 10 Free visits. Succeeding visits will cost $35 per visit.
  • Prestige: This plan costs $469/year and gives you unlimited member visits for free. 

Regardless of the plan you have, members who plan to bring guests will have to pay $35 per guest per visit.

Members can use their Digital Card to enter Priority Pass Lounges.
Members can use their Digital Card to enter Priority Pass Lounges (Photo by: Priority Pass).

How to Use Priority Pass

Once you’ve signed up for a membership, you’ll automatically receive a digital card in your Priority Pass account. You’ll also receive a physical card which typically arrives within a week.

Members who have a credit card with complimentary Priority Pass Select membership must register and activate their membership. You can’t just show your credit card to enter a lounge. 

Upon logging into your online credit card account, go to Card Benefits > Priority Pass > Register. Go over the terms of your membership after registering successfully to understand all included perks.

Priority Pass App

Members can download the Priority Pass app on their phones to easily find lounges they want to visit. The app also provides a digital membership card for lounge entry. It’s available for Apple and Android users. 

You can use the app to search and check Priority Pass Lounges.
You can use the app to search and check Priority Pass Lounges that you plant to visit (Photo: Priority Pass).

Lounge Requirements

There are three things that you need to bring before you show up at a Priority Pass lounge.

  • Same-day boarding pass for your flight
  • Valid ID
  • Priority Pass Card or Digital Membership (works at most lounges)

Lounge Restrictions

There are several potential restrictions on using Priority Pass that you should be aware of. Most of these restrictions are listed on the Priority Pass website or on their mobile app.

Overcapacity: Many lounges, especially in the U.S., may be full when you try to visit. These lounge either will put you on a waitlist or deny entry temporarily. For example, I frequent The Club CLT, and there’s almost always a 15-30 minute to get in.

Duration Restrictions: Many lounges restrict you to a maximum stay of 2-3 hours to prevent overcrowding. Other non-traditional lounges like Minute Suites (private rooms) and Gameway (video games) limit you to one hour, with the ability to pay for subsequent hours.

Hourly Restrictions: Airline-specific lounges (e.g., Lufthansa Lounges) may restrict the hours you can visit. For example, if Lufthansa has several flights leaving at 4:00 PM, they may restrict access between 1 PM and 4:00 PM to allow their business and first-class passengers the ability to use a less busy airport lounge. During the other hours, Priority Pass helps airlines offset the fixed costs of running a lounge.

Paid Membership Restrictions: A few lounges are limited to paid Priority Pass memberships (i.e., membership not via a credit card). These include Jabberbox (private workspaces) and ROAM Fitness.

Priority Pass Restaurants

Priority Pass also offers access to airport restaurants where you can receive a credit of usually $28 to $30 per person to use at the restaurant.

However, this benefit does not apply if you have a Priority Pass via American Express or Capital One. 

If you want access to restaurants, one of the best options is to hold the Chase Sapphire Reserve®.

Bar Symon
Photo: Bar Symon at Cleveland Airport

US Priority Pass Lounge Locations

Here’s a list of all of the Priority Pass lounges within the United States, excluding restaurants:

Be Relax Spa: Concourse B, after security, near gate B22 inside Traveler’s Oasis.

The Club at ATL: International Terminal, Concourse F, airside, mezzanine level (next to the chapel).

Minute Suites: Concourse B, airside, near gate B16.

Minute Suites: Concourse B, airside, near gate B24.

Minute Suites: Concourse F, between Gates F2 and F4.

Jabbrrbox: Barbara Jordan Terminal, airside, near gate 162.*

Jabbrrbox: Barbara Jordan Terminal, airside, near gate 23.*

Jabbrrbox: Barbara Jordan Terminal, airside, near gate 1.*

* Paid Memberships only. No access if you have Priority Pass via a credit card.

The Club BWI: Concourse D, airside, upper level.

Minute Suites: Concourse C, airside after security, between gates C3 and C5.

ROAM Fitness: Concourse D, next to gate D1.

  • Paid Memberships only. No access if you have Priority Pass via a credit card.

Air France Lounge: Terminal E, airside, turn right after security toward gate 4.

The Lounge: Terminal C, airside, first floor, concourse level, across from gate C19.

Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club: Between Terminals B and C, near Gate is B40.

  • One visit per year is free. Additional visits and any guests are $75 per visit.

The Club: Airside after security checks, between gates 6 and 7.

The Club CHS: Concourse B airside, after security, take the elevator located near the AME Memorial and the Eddie Bauer store.

The Club CLT: Concourse A airside, just before gates A21 and A22.

Gameway: Concourse E, opposite gate E36.

Minute Suites: Airside, main atrium, next to the food court.

Minute Suites: Concourse D airside, D/E connector, near the food court.

Swissport Lounge: International Terminal 5, airside, next to gate M13

The Club CVG: Concourse A, between gates A8 and A10.

The Club CLE: Concourse B, turn right into the hall after Ohio Gameday Sports.

Colorado Springs Premier Lounge: Airside, after security checks, adjacent to gate 6.

The Club at DFW: Terminal D, Mezzanine floor, near gate 27.

Plaza Premium Lounge: Terminal E, airside, near gate E31.

Minute Suites: Terminal A, near gate A38.

Minute Suites: Terminal D, airside, near gate D23.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal B, next to gate B28.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal D, after security, next to gate D21.

Gameway: Terminal B airside, near the Skylink and Gate 42.

Gameway: Terminal E, near gate E16.

Lufthansa Business Lounge: Warren C. Evans Terminal, after Security Checks turn left, the lounge is located next to Gate D8.

Minute Suites: McNamara Terminal, near gate A66.

Be Relax Spa: McNamara Terminal, near gate A18.

Be Relax Spa: McNamara Terminal, near gate A46.

Jabbrrbox: Near Gate A1.

  • Paid Memberships only. No access if you have Priority Pass via a credit card.

The Plumeria Lounge: Inter-Island Terminal, airside, third floor (near Wiki Wiki shuttle pick-up).

IASS Hawaii Lounge: Terminal 2 airside, proceed to Garden Court towards gates 14 to 23 of the Central concourse. Take the elevator to ground level and follow signs.

Air France Lounge: Terminal D, airside, opposite gate D18B.

KLM Crown Lounge: Terminal D, airside, near gate D16.

Minute Suites: Terminal C, airside, near gate C14.

Gameway: After TSA Security Checkpoint, follow signs to gates 1-5; Gameway is located near gate 1.

The Club JAX: Concourse A, airside; after security, walk past the food court and the lounge is located on the right-hand side.

Premier Club: Airside, second floor, opposite gate 17.

The Club LAS: Terminal 1, Concourse D, airside level 2, toward gate D33, between Brooks Brothers and Tumi.

The Club LAS: Terminal 3, airside, across from gate E2.

Be Relax Spa: Tom Bradley International Terminal, airside, near gate 154.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal 1, airside, after security.

Gameway: Terminal 3, airside, near gate 30B.

Gameway: Terminal 6, opposite gate 65A.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: Central Terminal, after TSA Precheck in Concourse E, level 2, past the escalator on the left-hand side.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: South Terminal, Concourse H, take the lift to the 3rd Floor, keep to the left until you reach the entrance.

PGA MSP Lounge: Terminal 1, airside, take the elevator or stairs located between Concourses D and E (corner) up to the Upper Level. Check-in at the Golf Shop Counter.

Minute Suites Nashville: Concourse D, airside, near gate D3.

The Club MSY: Concourse A, airside, after security checks, 3rd level.

Air France Lounge: Terminal 1, airside, near Air France boarding area by gate 1.

Lufthansa Business Lounge: Terminal 1, airside after security.

Korean Air (KAL) Business Class Lounge: Terminal 1 airside after security, right-hand side across from gate 3.

Turkish Airlines Lounge: Terminal 1 after TSA Security Checks, between Gates 2 and 3.

Primeclass Lounge: Terminal 1, airside, next to gates 8 and 9.

Primeclass Lounge: Terminal 4, airside, next to gate A2.

Air India Maharaja Lounge: Terminal 4, airside, after security near gate 5.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: Terminal 4, airside, above gates A4 and A5.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal 1, near gate 5.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal 5, between gates 6 and 7.

Minute Suites: Terminal 4, near gate 39.

Jabbrrbox: Terminal 4, airside, near gate 20.*

Jabbrrbox: Terminal 8, airside, near gate 8.*

Jabbrrbox: Terminal 8, airside, near gate 16.*

* Paid Memberships only. No access if you have Priority Pass via a credit card.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal B, after TSA Precheck.

Minute Suites Express: Terminal B, after security, take the escalator up one level and the Minute Suites Express is located on the right-hand side of the Bowery Bay Shops.

Aspire Lounge: Terminal 2, airside, second floor, between gates 209 and 210.

Aspire Lounge: Terminal 4, airside, second floor, between gates 410 and 411 (Domestic flights only).

Jabbrrbox: Terminal 2, airside, near gate 204.*

Jabbrrbox: Terminal 4, airside, near gate 411.*

* Paid Memberships only. No access if you have Priority Pass via a credit card.

The Club MCO: Terminal A, Concourse 1, airside, from gates 1 to 29 (adjacent to XpresSpa).

The Club MCO: Terminal B, Concourse 4, airside, from gates 70 to 99 (next to InMotion store, near gate 91).

Plaza Premium Lounge: Terminal C, on level 2, next to Gate 241.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal C, near gate C18.

Minute Suites: Terminal B, airside, between Concourses A and B (in A/B connector).

The Club: Concourse C, airside (between Bar Symon and gate C51).

Aspire Lounge: Airside, Terminal 2, after East Security Checkpoint, take an immediate left and proceed towards gate 33.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal 2, near gate 27.

Be Relax Spa: Terminal 2, near gate 36.

Air France-KLM Lounge: International Terminal, Concourse A, Level 3 airside (First left after TSA).

China Airlines Lounge: International Terminal, Concourse A, Level 4 airside (Proceed through the Security Checkpoint A and turn left).

The Club SJC A8: Terminal A, Main Level Concourse, across from gate 8.

The Club SJC A15: Terminal A, airside, third level, across from gate 15.

The Lounge San Juan at Terminal A: Terminal A, airside, left after security, through duty-free on the right-hand side.

The Lounge San Juan at Terminal C: Entrance to Terminal C, through Security Checkpoint B, walk towards Terminal C until you see “The Lounge” sign (Take the elevator and go up to the third floor).

The Club SEA: Concourse A, airside, across from gate A11

The Club SEA: South Satellite, airside, above gate S9. Take the elevator up one floor to access the lounge on the Mezzanine level.

Wingtips Lounge St. Louis: Terminal 2, airside, opposite gate E29.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: Concourse A, airside, opposite gate A32.

Air France-KLM Lounge: Concourse A, airside, opposite gate A22.

British Airways Galleries Club Lounge: Concourse B, airside, second floor.

Lufthansa Business Lounge: Concourse B, airside, near gate B50.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington: Concourse B, airside, near gate B43.

The Verdict

Priority Pass can get you access to thousands of airport lounges worldwide. Some of these lounges may have restrictions, so you should read the fine print before visiting.

The best way to get a membership is via a credit card because so many great cards offer it as a benefit. My favorites are the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, and The Platinum Card® from American Express.

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