JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status Guide (2023)

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JetBlue has revamped its TrueBlue program a couple of times for the past few years and JetBlue launched its new loyalty program on May 10, 2023.

JetBlue made drastic changes to its frequent flyer program, particularly the revamp of the JetBlue Mosaic elite status levels and how they’re earned. 

What’s also exciting about the update is that members can get rewarded even before earning Mosaic status and customize the rewards they will get.

We have a lot to cover, so let’s dive right into it!

JetBlue Mint Suites
Photo: JetBlue Mint

How To Earn JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status

Members will now earn “Tiles” towards elite status instead of “Mosaic Qualifying Points.”

Tiles are in addition to TrueBlue points, which can be redeemed for free flights on JetBlue.

These Tiles translate into four Mosaic elite status levels:

  • 50 tiles = Mosaic 1
  • 100 tiles = Mosaic 2
  • 150 tiles = Mosaic 3
  • 250 tiles = Mosaic 4

The earning structure for tiles is way easier to understand, and what we’re most excited about is that you’ll have multiple ways to earn them.

You can earn tiles through (1) eligible travel purchases and (2) spending on JetBlue credit cards. 

For example, you could earn 45 tiles through eligible travel purchases and 5 Tiles via spending on JetBlue credit cards.

Earning Tiles on Travel Purchases

TrueBlue members earn 1 tile for every $100 spent (excluding taxes and government fees) on:

  • JetBlue flights.
  • Most JetBlue extra fees (detailed below).
  • JetBlue Vacations.
  • Paisly by JetBlue (travel portal for hotels, rental cars, and activities).
  • American Airlines flights.
  • Checked bags
  • Overweight/oversize bags
  • Sports and musical equipment
  • Even More® Space
  • Priority security
  • Pet fee
  • Blue Basic-associated fees
  • Phone booking fee
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Same-day switch fee
  • Revenue standby fee
  • Move to Mint at airport
  • Gate-check bag fees
  • Move to Mint Studio fee
  • Service fees
  • Group fees

For example, if you spent $5,000 on JetBlue flights, you would earn 50 Tiles, which gets you the lowest Mosaic elite status level. Or for the highest status level, you would need to spend $25,000.

Earning Tiles On Credit Card Spend

Members can earn 1 Tile for every $1,000 spent on all JetBlue co-branded credit cards, including:

This allows you to earn Tiles towards elite status without having to travel.

JetBlue "Perks You Pick" Program

JetBlue introduced the “Perks You Pick” program to reward members on their way to earning elite status.

For every threshold of 10, 20, 30, or 40 tiles, members can choose on reward from the following options:

  • Early Boarding — Priority boarding in Group B (excluding Blue Basic fares).
  • Priority Security — Have access to expedited lanes in multiple airports.
  • Alcoholic Drink — enjoy one complimentary alcoholic drink on each flight (beer, wine, or liquor).
  • JetBlue Vacations Bonus — Earn a one-time 2x points bonus on a JetBlue Vacations package.
  • 5,000 Bonus Points — Earn 5,000 TrueBlue points.

The rewards you earn are stackable, meaning you can earn four rewards in total by the time you earn 40 tiles.

JetBlue Mosaic Benefits

You get to unlock Mosaic status upon reaching 50 Tiles. You’ll be rewarded with several Mosaic Signature Perks, while keeping the benefits you’ve earned from the “Perks You Pick” program.

There will be also incremental “Mosaic Perks You Pick” (detailed below) as you move up each tier from Mosaic 1 to Mosaic 4.

Mosaic 1 (50 Tiles)

JetBlue’s first status level is Mosaic 1. This is equivalent to spending $5,000 on eligible travel or $50,000 on a JetBlue credit card. 

You’ll receive the following Mosaic Signature Perks upon reaching JetBlue Mosaic 1:

Two Free Checked Bags

Mosaic members receive two free checked bags for you and your travel companions on the same reservation. 

Baggage fees normally cost $35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag, so this benefit can save up to $160 per person for a round-trip flight.

Free Alcoholic Drink

Members who are 21+ will receive one free alcoholic drink (beer, wine, and spirits). This benefit saves you about $8 per drink.

Even More Space Seats At Check-in

Elite members can now upgrade for free at check-in (24 hours in advance) to choose Even More Space Seats, which gets you up to 7 inches of extra legroom. 

This benefit is subject to availability, so there is a chance that all of the Even More Space seats will be unavailable during check-in.

Same-day Flight Changes

A nice perk of Mosaic 1 is that you can switch to an earlier or later flight without paying extra fees or a fare difference starting 24 hours before your original departure time.

Mosaic Boarding

With Mosaic boarding, members can be one of the first to board, with priority boarding and a dedicated lane.

Priority Security and Check-In

Mosaic members get access to a dedicated priority check-in area and priority security to help expedite their travels.

But priority security is not as good as TSA-PreCheck, which you can get for free with many credit cards.

Benefits on American Airlines

JetBlue and American Airlines offer reciprocal benefits to their elite members.

On American Airlines, Mosaic members get:

  • Up to two free checked bags.
  • Main Cabin Extra (extra legroom seats) at check-in.
  • Free Same-Day Flight Changes.
  • Priority Boarding.
  • Expedited Security.
  • Dedicated Check-In Area.

Dedicated Customer Support Line

Elite members get the fastest access to customer service representatives by calling the Mosaic elite phone number at1-877-538-8783. 

Upgrades on London-Heathrow Express Train

Mosaic members receive a complimentary upgrade to Business First on the 15-minute Heathrow Express train between London-Heathrow and Paddington Station. You get additional legroom, less crowded, free newspapers, and spacious worktables.

To access the benefit, just book a train ticket and show a Heathrow Express staff member your JetBlue boarding pass with Mosaic written on it or the Mosaic Logo upon boarding the train.

This benefit also applies travel companions on same reservation, but can be subject to availability of the train.

Mosaic 2 (100 Tiles)

JetBlue’s second status level is Mosaic 2, which requires 100 Tiles. This is equivalent to spending $10,000 toward eligible travel or $100,000 on a JetBlue credit card. 

Mosaic 2 elite members will receive all Mosaic 1 benefits, plus the following:

Even More® Space At Booking

Mosiac 2 members can choose Even More Space seats during the booking process.

This is great because it helps you secure your preferred aisle or window seat, instead of getting stuck with what’s remaining at check-in as a lower Mosaic 1 member. 

ue Even More Space Seats
Photo: JetBlue

Mosaic 3 (150 Tiles)

JetBlue’s third status level is Mosaic 3, which requires 150 Tiles. This is equivalent to spending $15,000 on eligible travel or $150,000 on a JetBlue credit card.

Mosaic 3 elite members will receive all Mosaic 1 & 2 benefits, plus the following:

Mint Upgrade Certificates

Get four upgrade certificates which can be used to upgrade to Mint. The number of certificates required may vary depending on the date and time of the flight.

Mosaic 4 (250 Tiles)

The final JetBlue status level is Mosaic 4, which requires 250 Tiles. This is equivalent to spending $25,000 on eligible travel or $250,000 on a JetBlue credit card.

Mosaic 4 elite members will receive all Mosaic 1, 2, & 3 benefits, plus following:

BLADE Airport Transfers

Get 4 complimentary one-way credits for BLADE airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and JFK or EWR

More Mint Upgrade Certificates

Two additional certificates that can be used to upgrade to Mint. This means you now have a total of 6 upgrade certificates by the time you reach Mosaic 4.

Mosaic Perks You Pick

Mosaic members earn additional perks called “Mosaic Perks You Pick” every time they complete a status level.

For example, a “Mosaic 4” member would earn four “Perks You Pick” on the way to Mosaic status, and then four “Mosaic Perks You Pick” for completing Mosaic 1-4.

Every time a member reaches a status level, they can choose from one of the following:

  • FoundersCard Blue membership — 150+ premium travel, business, and lifestyle benefits made exclusively for Mosaic elite members.
  • Pet fee waiver — Fly with your pet (cat or small dog) at no extra charge on all eligible JetBlue-operated flights. This typically costs $125 per flight so that’s a lot of savings.
  • $99 Statement Credit Select JetBlue Cards — get a $99 one-time statement credit on your JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Card.
  •  20-tile Bonus — Earn 20 bonus tiles to help you reach the next Mosaic tier.
  • 15,000 bonus points — A 15,000 bonus to boost your TrueBlue points balance.
  • Mint Suite priority —  Get priority access to Mint Suite selection on select aircraft, subject to availability. Mind Studio is included in this perk.

Remember, all of the rewards you’ve earned from Perks You Pick, Mosaic status, and Mosaic Perks You Pick stack together. That’s a lot of travel benefits!

JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status FAQs

Tiles are used to determine your JetBlue Mosaic elite status level. They are earned through flying and spending. The more tiles you have, the higher your elite status will be and the more benefits you'll get.

TrueBlue points are the currency used in the TrueBlue program. They are also earned through flying and spending. You use these points to redeem awards like seat upgrades and flights.

No. The way TrueBlue points are earned and redeemed will not change.

You can still earn points and redeem them for JetBlue award travel, paying with Cash + Points, etc.

Yes. There will be some categories where you can earn both tiles and points but there will also be categories where you can't.

For example, flying with JetBlue airline partners lets you earn TrueBlue points but not tiles.

Yes. Members will still receive the same benefits just like they did in the old TrueBlue program.

No. Only cash purchases count towards earning tiles. However, flights that were booked with Cash + Points will earn tiles based on the cash portion of the transaction (minus government fees & taxes). 

Is JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status Worth It?

The JetBlue Mosaic elite program is improving now that they added Mint Upgrade certificates, free upgrades to Even More Space seats, and the American Airlines partnership. 

But JetBlue’s route network is heavily concentrated around New York City and Fort Lauderdale.

If you live in these two cities, trying to earn Mosaic elite status may make sense.

If you don’t, you are likely better off earning elite status with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, or United Airlines.

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