When Do Hilton Honors Points Expire?

Hilton Honors points expire 15 months from inactivity, which can be extended each time you earn or redeem one Hilton point.

Hilton points are easy to earn, so you should be able to reset the expiration clock quite easily at least once every 15 months.

Due to COVID-19, Hilton paused the expiration of all points until December 31, 2021.

Ways to Extend Your Points Expiration

  • Earning points from a Hilton Hotel stay.
  • Earning points from a Hilton credit card.
  • Earning points with Hilton Honors dining.
  • Earning points with Lyft rides.
  • Earning points by booking a rental car.
  • Earning points by filling out E-Rewards surveys.
  • Purchasing Hilton points.
  • Redeeming your Hilton points for a Hilton Hotel.
  • Shopping with Hilton points at Amazon.
  • Donating Hilton points to charity.

Things That Won't Extend Your Points

Pooling your Hilton points with family and friends will not extend your Hilton points from expiring. 

Points transfers from American Express Membership Rewards may not qualify, but the data points are mixed on this issue.