US Bank Card Application Rules and Tips

Good Things About US Bank

Altitude Reserve– I really like my Altitude Reserve credit card because it means I get 4.5% cash back at almost any physical or online merchants because of Samsung Pay (requires Galaxy phone or Gear watch).

Bad Things About US Bank

Hard to Get Approved– US Bank is one of the hardest banks to get approved for their better credit cards. If you want to increase your chances, consider opening a US Bank checking account.

Old School– US Bank is a little behind the times when it comes to technology and trends. For example, in order to figure out the benefits of my Altitude Reserve card, they have to mail me a hard copy. The benefits information is not online and they refuse to send me an electronic version.

Unfriendly to Manufactured Spending– If US Bank catches you buying high-value gift cards (even retail gift cards), they might shut you down. However, I manufacture spend frequently on my Altitude Reserve, but I easily disguise it by using Samsung Pay and Square.

Slow Customer Service– The trend nowadays is for card issuers to have a live chat feature (American Express and Citi) or at least respond quickly (Chase). US Bank takes usually more than 24 hours to respond.

US Bank Application Rules and Tips

Application Status: You cannot check your status online, but you can call 800-947-1444 to check.

Reconsideration Number: 800-947-1444 or 800-685-7680.

Bank Checking Fees: If you have a US Bank credit card, your US Bank checking fees should be waived.

Authorized Users: Spend on authorized user account will not count towards your minimum spend requirements.

Minimum Spend Timelines: The clock starts running from when you are approved. 

Annual Fee Refund- You can receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of the date the fee is charged to your account. 

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