Spirit Airlines Guide

Good Things about Spirit Airlines

Big Front Seat– Spirit’s Big Front Seat is basically an old United or American Airlines first-class seat. If you are above 6 feet tall, I would highly recommend this seat. The price depends on the length of the flight, but it is typically about $30 for shorter flights and $50 for 3.5+ hour flights.

New Planes– Spirit has fairly new planes with an average age of 5.3 years and they will receive 10 new planes in 2018.

Wi-Fi– Spirit, unlike Frontier or Allegiant, will offer a paid Wi-Fi option on their planes, with a full fleet completion by summer 2019. 

Bad Things About Spirit Airlines

Frequency of Cancellations– In 2017, Spirit canceled about 3.4% of flights. Since Spirit has fewer planes than a traditional carrier and may only have one flight in and out per day, if you flight is canceled, you may not reach your destination for several days.

Bad Customer Service– Spirit consistently ranks last for U.S. Airlines for customer service. Sometimes this is due to people not researching Spirit’s fees and cramped seats ahead of time, but many other times it is for legitimate reasons. If Spirit cancels or significantly delays a flight, they offer very little support in terms of rebooking and hotel or food vouchers. Many times Spirit will rebook you 2-5 days later. Additionally, Spirit is pretty awful at communicating flight departure and delay times. Spirit may say a plane is delayed three hours until 8 pm and then actually take off at 7:15 pm. Therefore, I recommend arriving early and always staying within eyesight of the gate.

Spirit Airlines Information

Main Cities: Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, and Myrtle Beach.

$9 Fare Club membership: $59.95 for first year, renews at $69.95. (gets discounts on flights and $9 discount on bags)

Routes: Route Map

Fleet: Current Aircraft Fleet, Deliveries, and Average Age of Planes

Seat Maps by Plane: SeatGuru

Aircraft deliveries: 2018 (5 A320 and 5 A321), 2019 (1 A320, 14 A320-NEO), 2020 (16 A320-NEO), 2021 (18 A-320-NEO) 

Spirit Airline Fees

Fees depends on route and whether apart of $9 fare club, below is average standard prices.

  • Bags At Purchase: Carry on ($35), First Checked ($30), Second ($40)
  • Bags at Other times: 24 hours after purchase ($45 carry on/$40 checked), Web Check in ($45/40), Airport Kiosk ($55/50), and at gate ($65).
  • Seats: Regular seats at web check in: $1-50, stretch seating: $12-$150, or auto-assigned seating: free.
  • Boarding pass: At kiosk ($2), by agent ($10).

Aircraft Seat Dimensions:

  • Width: 18 inches on average or 25 inches (Big Front Seat)
  • Pitch/Leg room: 28 inches or 36 inches (Big Front Seat)

Earning and Using Points

  • Points expire after 3 months of inactivity!
  • Award Chart
  • Award Fees: $100 if within 6 days, $75 if within 7 and 20 days, $15 if between 21 and 180 days, and no fee if more than 180 days.
  • Spirit Credit Card
    • Application Link (15,000 points)
    • No Annual Fee your first year, $59 thereafter
    • Earning: 2x points everywhere
    • Benefits: Zone 2 boarding
    • Verdict: Decent offer, but likely avoid. Spirit has pretty good chart compared to the other ultra-low-cost-carriers especially if you travel within the same region, book during an off-peak time, and more than 180 days in advance. However, you still have to factor in the extra fees for bags and better seats.
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