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Best Ways to Use Japan Airlines (JAL) Miles for Maximum Value

Japan Airlines has a distance based chart that allows for up to seven stopovers with their OneWorld partners and 3 stopovers with their other partner airlines.

Airlines That You Can Fly Using JAL Miles

JAL’s OneWorld Airline Partners

  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Finnair
  • Japan Airlines
  • Malaysia
  • Qantas
  • Qatar
  • Royal Jordanian
  • S7 Airlines
  • SriLankan Airlines.

With these partners, eight flight segments are allowed with seven stopovers and two segments inside of Japan. You can transit through a city a maximum of three times with one time being a stopover. One open-jaw is allowed and the origin and destination may be in different countries. However, you cannot backtrack on your flights. 

JAL’s Partner Airlines

  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • China Eastern
  • Bangkok Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Korean Airlines

With these partners, you cannot mix airlines for partner awards. You can do a total of 3 stops longer than 24 hours, but your destination is considered one. Six segments are allowed per ticket, but you can only do two with Korean Air and four with China Eastern.  

JAL Award Routing Rules

Awards on JAL: When a trip starts in Japan, stopovers are not allowed. If a trip starts outside of Japan and the destination is Japan, you can do one stopover (i.e. New York to Tokyo (stopover) to Kyoto). If the trip starts outside of Japan and the destination is not Japan, two stopovers are allowed. 

Fuel Surcharges: JAL provides an example list of fuel surcharges, which is below. If you want to high surcharges, book on Qatar, Air France, LATAM, Cathay Pacific, or American Airlines. 

Open-Jaws– Allowed if they are in the same region.

One-ways: Allowed. 50% of the cost for JAL chart and the other chart is based on distance flown.

Backtracking: Not allowed unless inside Japan.

Reservations: Between 330 and 4 days of departure.

Changes to Award Routing: Requires cancellation, deposit, and rebooking. Changes to date or flight number are allowed for the difference in taxes and fees.

No-Show: Forfeits the points used.

Fees: Call center fee of $20 USD for ticketing. Cancellation fee is $30 USD.

Booking for 2 or More People: You must be related by blood or marriage. This is a standard rule for Asian airlines.

Award Chart for Flying on Japan Airlines

JAL has three award charts. One for flying on JAL, which is based on where you are located and where you want to fly. The other award charts are for their OneWorld Alliance Members and other partners and based on the distance you fly.

North American Routes to Tokyo (NRT): Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Kona Los Angeles, New York (JFK), San Diego, and Vancouver.

North American Routes to Tokyo (HND): New York (JFK) and Los Angeles

The chart below is for roundtrip travel. For one-way flights, divide by 2.


You can calculate the distance using their calculator.

Japan Airlines’ OneWorld Chart

For this chart, you are limited to eight segments. If you find all direct flight, you can get up to seven stopovers. You are only allowed one-open jaw. You can only have one stopover in the same city, but you go through that city up to three times.

JAL Partner Award Chart

You can use their calculator to calculate the distance flown.

Award Fuel Surcharges

Below are examples of Fuel Surcharges according to JAL. To reduce or eliminate fuel surcharges, consider starting your award in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Phillippines, South Korea, and Thailand.

AMERICAN AIRLINES (AA): U.S. to Japan round-trip: maximum US$45.43.
BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA): U.S. to U.K round-trip: minimum US$572.75 maximum US$921.23.
CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS (CX/KA): U.S. to Hong Kong round-trip: maximum US$197.09.
FINNAIR (AY): U.S. to Finland round-trip: maximum US$371.92.
IBERIA (IB): U.S. to Spain round-trip: maximum US$184.01.
LATAM (LA): U.S. to Chile round-trip: maximum US$52.06.
LATAM (JJ): U.S. to Brasil round-trip: maximum US$57.31.
QANTAS (QF): U.S. to Australia round-trip: minimum US$818.53 maximum US$935.41.
QATAR AIRWAYS (QR): U.S. to Qatar round-trip: maximum US$46.69.
ROYAL JORDANIAN (RJ): U.S. to Jordan round-trip: maximum US$94.96.
AIR FRANCE (AF): U.S. to France round-trip: minimum US$85.15 maximum US$133.22.
EMIRATES (EK): U.S.(JFK) to Dubai round-trip: minimum US$602.09 maximum US$1716.09
CHINA EASTERN (MU): U.S. to China round-trip: maximum US$449.69.
BANGKOK AIRWAYS (PG): Bankok to Maldives round-trip: maximum US$190.61.
ALASKA AIRLINES (AS): Vancouver to Cancun via Seattle round-trip: maximum US$139.79.
KOREAN AIR (KE): Narita to Jeju round-trip maximum US$46.47.”


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