Best Ways to Use Hawaiian Airlines Miles

Redeeming Miles on Hawaiian Airlines Flights

The award chart is below. North America to Hawaii is 40,000 points in “Coach Super Saver” and 80,000 points in “First/Business Class Saver.” One of the better values is Tahiti/Samoa/Pago Pago to Hawaii for 55,000 round trip in economy class and 95,000 points in business class. Economy tickets are usually $800+ and business class is about $2,000. However, you may struggle to find economy saver space on those routes, so it might be cheaper to use more points for a business saver award.

Redeeming Miles on Partner Airlines

You can redeem Hawaiian Miles on the following partners:

  • Japan Airlines
    • Roundtrip flights from Hawaii in Business Class= 150,000 for Japan, 220,000 for Asia 1, and 240,000 for Asia 2. 
    • Roundtrip flights from the U.S. in Business Class= 180,000 for Japan.
    • Roundtrip flights from Europe in Business Class= 180,000 for Japan.
  • JetBlue Airways
    • Miles are tied to a specific cash value on Jetblue. For example, 35,000 to 40,000 Hawaiian Miles will get you only a $260 to $339 flight on JetBlue.
  • Korean Air
    • Roundtrip Flight between Korean and the U.S.= 100,000 in Economy and 200,000 for business class. 
    • Roundtrip flight within Asia= 30,000 in economy and 60,000 in business class. (This could be a good deal if you visit the far parts of Asia such as Sri Lanka or the Maldives)
  • Virgin Atlantic
    • Roundtrip Business from the U.K. to East Coast (125,000 miles) or West Coast (160,000). The major downside of this award is that there are likely expensive fuel surcharges ($500+) on this award.
  • Virgin Australia
    • Roundtrip Award over 4,000 Miles= 150,000 in Premium Economy and 200,00 in business class. (This might be a pretty good deal if you can find award space between Australia and the U.S.)

You can see the award charts here. You could get pretty good value from the Korean Airlines within Asia award, the Virgin Australia award to the U.S., or the U.S. to Japan award on Japan Airlines.

Award Fees

  • Changes to date and time cost $30 for inter-Hawaiian flights and $50 for international flights.
  • Cancellation and redeposits cost $30 for inter-Hawaiian and $150 for international flights. 


Hawaiian Award Chart