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LEVEL Airlines Guide


LEVEL is IAG’s (British Airways/Iberia/Aer Lingus) first attempt at an ultra-low-cost-carrier.  The seats only have 30 inches of pitch, so it will be a tight ride unless you pay the $70 or so charge to upgrade to XL seats (34 inches of pitch) or to their premium economy (37 inches of pitch).

Airline Website:

Long Haul Fees: Carry on (free, under 22 pounds), Checked bag ($44), Meal (a la carte or can prepay for full meal for $40), Seat ($17-37; or XL seat for around $70)

Comparing prices to regular carriers I would add: Carry on only: $60 round-trip or Checked bag only: $150 round-trip


  • Barcelona: Boston, New York-JFK, Los Angeles, and San Francisco
  • Paris (Orly airport): Las Vegas, Montreal, New York-EWR, Guadeloupe, and Martinique.

Fleet: Current Aircraft Fleet, Aircraft Deliveries, and Average Age of Planes

Reviews: Review #1; Review #2

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