JetBlue Information and Overview

Good Things About JetBlue

Lots of Legroom– JetBlue has the most legroom of all the U.S. airlines. Several of their aircraft have standard economy legroom of 34 inches, which is 6 inches more than Spirit and 4 more inches than American’s new 737-Max aircraft. 

Unlimited Great Snacks– JetBlue has higher end free snacks than the other U.S. airlines, such as Abby’s Cookies and Terra Sweet potato chips. Plus you can have as many as you want. 

Points Pooling– JetBlue is one of the only U.S. airlines that allows for points sharing. Plus you can pool your points with any seven people, including non-family members. The others charge high fees (you can still call and book an award for someone with those airlines). 

First Class– JetBlue’s Mint first class is reasonably priced and offers very long lie-flat seats with a massage function, 15 inch TVs, a three-course meal, private suites in rows 2 and 4 (the other rows are in a 2-2 configuration), and a very nice amenity kit. 

A220 Order- JetBlue has over 60 orders with 60 additional options for the A220 (formerly C-Series) aircraft. The A220 is a huge improvement over existing small regional jets with larger overhead bins, huge windows, and makes you feel like you flying on a 737 or A320. (The delivery schedule is below)

Bad Things about JetBlue

Worst On-Time Performance– Jetblue consistently is the last or second to last U.S. Airline for on-time performance. For example, from October 2016 to October 2017, JetBlue had an on-time performance of only 71.6%, whereas Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers Spirit and Frontier had an on-time performance respectively of 76.6% and 77.3% during that same time period. One JetBlue flight cost me an extra $450 due to delays. I was flying Boston-New York-Albuquerque and the Boston flight was delayed two hours, which forced me to miss the once a day Albuquerque flight. JetBlue couldn’t book me on a flight for three more days and wouldn’t pay for hotel (booked on JetBlue card instead of one with travel delay insurance). Therefore, I booked a hotel and last minute flight on United to ensure I wasn’t stranded in New York for an extended period of time. 

No Midwest Hub– JetBlue is heavily concentrated after the often delayed New York-JFK and Boston airports. This makes flying a flight with a connection on JetBlue to JFK or Boston a very risky proposition. Other major domestic airlines may have multiple ways to get you to your destination. For many of JetBlue’s routes, there is only one option to get to your final destination. JetBlue instead focuses on transcontinental flights and seems to forget the Midwest even exists. I believe there is a lot of money to be made on routes throughout the Midwest and relying on transcontinental flights with heavy competition is not a viable growth strategy. 

Weak Elite Status- Mosiac members get waived change fees, free bags, free alcohol, and extra points. However, JetBlue doesn’t offer free upgrades. United, Delta, and American all allow their elite members to sit in economy plus seats and sometimes they get upgraded to first class. 

JetBlue Information

Primary Hubs: New York (JFK), Boston, and Fort Lauderdale.

Secondary Hubs: Long Beach, Orlando, and San Juan.

Routes: Route Map (click on your departure city)

International Cities: Antigua (St. John’s), Aruba, Bahamas (Nassau), Barbados (Bridgetown), Bermuda, Colombia (Bogata, Cartagena, and Medellin), Costa Rica (San Jose and Liberia), Cuba (Havana, Santa Clara, Camaguey, and Holguin), Curacao, Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Santiago de los Caballeros, and Santo Dimongo), Ecuador (Quito), Grand Cayman, Grenada, Haiti (Port-au-Prince), Jamaica (Montego Bay and Kingston), Mexico (Mexico City and Cancun), Peru (Lima), Puerto Rico (San Juan, Ponce, and Aguadilla), St. Lucia (Vieux-Fort), Trinadad and Tobago (Port of Spain), Turks and Caicos (Providenciales), and Virgin Islands (St. Thomas and Saint Croix)

Fees: First checked bag is $30 (waived for JetBlue Plus credit cardholders and 3 companions), the second checked bag is $40, and alcoholic drinks are $7. (Full baggage policy)

Aircraft: Current Aircraft Fleet, Aircraft Deliveries, and Average Age of Planes

Seat Maps: JetBlue Seat Maps by Plane and Plane Information or Seat Guru

Best Fare Guarantee: If you purchase a ticket directly with JetBlue and you find a cheaper fare for the exact JetBlue flight, date, number of passengers, seat type, and fare class before 11:59 p.m. on the same day of your ticket purchase, Jetblue will give you a $100 travel voucher. You can read the fine print online (scroll down to Best Rate Guarantee).

Same-Day Changes- $75 fee for both same-day change or standby, which is waived for flex fares and Mosaic members. (fine print)

Lost Items on Airplane: Online Form

More Information: JetBlue’s Wikipedia Page

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