Other Ways To Meet Credit Card Minimum Spend Requirements

Our other guides covered paying your rent, mortgage, and other bills with Plastiq, and paying your federal taxes. Below are other ways you can increase your spending on credit cards to meet minimum spend requirements. 

Funding Bank Accounts

When you open up a new bank account, some banks allow you to fund the initial deposit with a credit card. If you combine this with a bank bonus this can make this method very valuable.

Paying Utilities

Most electric, gas, water, internet, cable, etc. companies will let you pay your bill with a credit card for a set fee like $2-3 whether you are paying $50 or $500. If you can afford it, you could pre-pay $200-500 at a time to lower the fee percentage.

Paying Off Student Loans or Funding College Savings

Gift of College Gift Cards

  • Fee: $5.95. (I only recommend buying at stores that stock the $500 cards, which means you only pay 1.19% in fees)
  • Where to buy (store locator):
    • Brookshire’s grocery: Up to $500 (TX, AR, LA)
    • Foodmaxx: Up to $500 (CA & NV)
    • H-E-B: Up to $500 (TX)
    • Lucky Supermarkets: Up to $500 (CA)
    • Save Mart Supermarket: Up to $500 (CA & NV)
    • Barnes & Noble: Up to $200  (not recommended)
    • Target: Sells $50 and $100 cards (not recommended)
  • Website (if you create an account you can see the which loan programs are participating). Almost every state’s 529 college savings program is participating. Additionally, 30+ loan servicers participate as well including Earnest, Fedloan Servicing, Navient, Great Lakes, MOHELA, and Nelnet.


Many people buy and sell gift cards, tickets, and merchandise to hit their minimum spend requirements and generate extra points. It is a good amount of work and there are many risks involved. Personally, I don’t do any reselling since I can make more money billing clients as an attorney, but if you do want to get more information on reselling, follow the blogs Miles per Day, and Miles to Memories.  If you are really good at it and have a lot of time, you can turn it into a small business. Many people do dropshipping, which for example, is when someone buys something on Amazon and a dropshipper fulfills that order with their inventory.

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