Guide to Hotel Points Expiration Times

It is important to know your points expire in order to avoid losing a large stockpile of points. Most programs will allow you to renew the expiration date of your points by earning, transferring, or redeeming points. If you need some ideas on how to earn points for a specific program, visit our “Earning Points” page for each major airline or hotel (e.g., our Hilton Hotels Earning Points page). You can also sometimes extend the life of the points by booking a hotel night with points and canceling it, which redeposits the points. 

Points earned from a hotel credit card will not expire by closing the card, because the points are transferred from the card automatically at the close of each statement. 


HotelExpiration DateWays to Extend
Best WesternNeverN/A
Choice18 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Club Carlson18 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Hilton12 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Hyatt24 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
IHG12 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Marriott/Ritz24 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Starwood12 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Wyndham48 months (but 18 months if no activity on account)Not possible beyond 48 months, but you need to earn or use one point per 18 months for account to be active.

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