Hotel Points Earn Rate Calculator

The amount of points you get from staying at a hotel depends on the room rate excluding taxes and other fees. For example, a base (non-elite) member of Marriott would earn 10 points per dollar on their room rate, so a $100 hotel rate would net them 1,000 points. Whereas a top tier Marriott Elite member would get 2,000 points from that same stay (15x points plus 500 points as a welcome amenity).

 Base StatusTier 2Tier 3Top Status
Marriott10x12x12.5x15x +500 points
Hilton10x11.5x12.5x + 1,000 points15x + 1,000 points
IHG10x11x + 300 points15x + 500 points20x +500 points
Wyndham10x or 1,000 points (whichever is higher)10x or 1,000 points (whichever is higher)10x or 1,000 points (whichever is higher)10x or 1,000 points (whichever is higher)

Welcome Amenity: Many hotels offer a welcome amenity (i.e. choice of points, drink, or breakfast). This chart assumes that you take the points. For IHG, the points offered to you depend on the properties, so that is the overall average for each level. For Hilton, Gold Members get 1,000 points at Hilton, Doubletree, Curio, Conrad, Tapestry, and Waldorf Astoria. For Marriott, members earn half the welcome bonus at Aloft, Element or Fourpoints hotels.

Credit Card Status: Many credit cards give you status in hotels. If you see an N/A, that means the credit card gives you status higher than that (i.e. IHG gives you Platinum Elite/Tier 3 status).

Earn Rate Compared with Points Valuation

Using the Chart- You can input your own data in the cells highlighted in blue by clicking inside a cell and hitting enter. 

Marriott has two valuations, one for hotel stays (around .73 cents per point) and one for airline points transfers (1.1 cents per point). If you prefer airline points over Marriott points, adjust the points valuation on the chart below.

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