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I love President’s Circle Status and Hertz’s Ultimate Choice option at most U.S. airports. Hertz is also now apart of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, so it will be interesting to see the upcoming changes in the program.  

Hertz Ultimate Choice- At most large airports, Hertz offers you your “Ultimate Choice,” which pretty much is any car in the aisle according to your status as long as you booked an intermediate car or above. I am a big fan of this program and it is why I am loyal to Hertz. As a President’s Circle member, I get a very a luxury or sports car about 75% of the time. It does depend on the location and time of day (usually the earlier in the day is better).

Authorized Driver: As a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, your spouse, domestic partner, or co-worker is automatically considered an authorized user, so there is no need to add them to your reservation. If the person you would like to add is not a spouse, domestic partner or co-worker they will need to fill out an Additional Authorized Operator agreement at a Hertz location at an additional charge.

Phone: 888-999-4900

Minimum Age: 18 to join Hertz’s points program. 

Points Transfer- You can transfer points to your spouse or domestic partner as long as (1) they are a Hertz member and (2) they must permanently reside at the same address. 

AAA Discount- List of AAA Codes by State and/or Region


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