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I always recommend signing up for a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account. It’s free to join and if you are renting from an airport, you can bypass the check-in counter.

Five Star and President Circle elite status will get you access to better cars and help you earn more points when you rent. Additionally, once you earn elite status in one year, you keep the status for the following year. 

I am a big fan of Hertz’ President Circle elite status. The “Ultimate Choice” cars at the airport in Hertz President Circle row are generally high-end cars such as BMW, Infiniti, Mustang GT, Range Rover, etc. However, some Hertz airport locations (e.g., Charlotte and NYC) rarely place any nice cars on the President Circle aisle. It depends on the location and when you are picking up the car (morning is better than night), but the majority of the time, President Circle members should expect to a very nice car when you rent at least intermediate car at airport locations. 


Qualifying for Gold

  • Free to join

Gold Benefits

  • Earn points and fast check in and out.
  • When you reach 8 rentals in a calendar year, you can experience “Five Star for a Day.”

Five Star

Qualifying for Five Star

  • 12 rentals in a calendar year or spend $2,400 on rentals.
  • Other Ways:
    • Status Match mid-tier status from another rental car company
    • Delta Elite Status Gold Medallion
    • United Elite Status: Premier Silver or Gold
    • IHG Spire Elite Status (top tier)
    • Marriott Platinum Premier.
    • American Express Platinum- Give you National Emerald Club Executive status, which you can match to Hertz for Five Star elite status. 
    • Visa Infinite Card (e.g., Chase Sapphire Reserve, US Altitude Reserve, etc.)

Five Star Benefits

  • One-car-class upgrade subject to availability
  • 25% points bonus
  • No additional driver fee for spouse/domestic partner
  • At 16 rentals in a calendar year, you can experience “President Circle for a Day.”

President Circle

Qualifying for President Circle

President Circle Benefits

  • Confirmed one-car-class upgrade
  • 50% points bonus
  • No additional driver fee for spouse/domestic partner
  • 24- hours guarantee car availability at airport locations
  • At 30 and 40 rentals in a calendar year, you can upgrade to any car on the lot (I would recommend you rent from an airport location, especially one with the Shelby GT-H)
  • After 15th, 20th, and 40th rentals, you can experience the Hertz Valet service, which allows you to drop your rental at the terminal.


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