Guide to Extended Warranties with Credit Cards

This benefit generally extends the manufacturer’s warranty an extra year (2 years for American Express). Cars and other motorized items are not covered. You need to charge some portion of the item to your card. 

American Express: You can see your coverage based on the card you have. 

Fine Print

What is Extended Warranty Protection?

Extended Warranty Protection extends the time period of the original manufacturer’s written U.S. repair warranty by one (1) additional year on eligible warranties of three (3) years or less, up to a maximum of ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars per claim, and a fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars maximum per Account.

To be eligible for coverage, you must charge some portion of the item’s purchase price to your Account or use reward points earned on your Account toward the purchase. This benefit is secondary to any service contract or Extended Warranty you have purchased or received.

Extended Warranty Protection’s registration service

Although registration is not required for Extended Warranty Protection benefits, you are encouraged to consider registration to help you take full advantage of your warranties. When your warranties are registered, you have access to key information about your coverage with a single toll-free call to the Benefit Administrator. And if you send copies of your sales receipts and warranty information to the Benefit Administrator, it will be kept on file. Call the Benefit Administrator for information regarding the security of registering your purchases.

Coverage  Information

Who is eligible for coverage?

You, a person to whom a United States (U.S.) credit card has been issued (“Cardholder”), and to whomever receives gifts purchased with your Chase credit card account (“Account”).

What is covered?

  • Eligible items with a valid original manufacturer-written S. repair warranty of three (3) years or less
  • Gifts purchased with your Account and meet the terms and conditions of the benefit
  • Items purchased outside the United States are covered as long as they are purchased with your Account and the eligible item has either a valid original manufacturer-written S. repair warranty of three (3) years or less, a store-purchased dealer warranty, or an assembler warranty.

What items are not covered?

  • Boats, automobiles, aircraft, and any other motorized vehicles and their motors, equipment, or accessories, including trailers and other items that can be towed by or attached to any motorized vehicle
  • Any costs other than those specifically covered under the terms of the original manufacturer- written S. repair warranty, as supplied by the original manufacturer, or other eligible warranty
  • Items purchased for resale, professional, or commercial use
  • Rented or leased items or items purchased on an installment plan and for which the entire purchase price was not paid in full at the time of the occurrence
  • Computer software
  • Medical equipment
  • Used or pre-owned items

Claim Information How do I file a claim?

  • Call the Benefit Administrator as soon as possible upon learning of a product Please note that if you do not notify the Benefit Administrator within ninety (90) days after the product failure, your claim may be denied.
  • The Benefit Administrator will ask you for some preliminary claim information, direct you to the appropriate repair facility, and send you the appropriate claim
  • To file a claim, you need to provide copies of your card receipt, store receipt, the original manufacturer-written S. warranty, and any other applicable warranty unless the purchase is registered. This claim form  must  be  completed,  signed,  and  returned  with  all  the requested  documentation  within  one  hundred  and  twenty  (120) days of the product failure. Unless otherwise noted, the date of loss shall be the date you first notified the Benefit Administrator.

Gift recipients of eligible items are also covered by the claims process, if desired. However, a gift recipient must provide all the documents necessary to fully substantiate the claim.

What documents do I need to submit with my claim?

  • Your completed and signed claim form
  • A copy of your card receipt
  • The itemized store receipt (if more than one method of payment was used, documentation linking the purchase back to the Account must be included)
  • A copy of the original manufacturer – written S. warranty and any other applicable warranty
  • A description and serial number of the item, and any other documentation deemed necessary to substantiate your This includes bills and, if necessary, a copy of the maintenance record and receipts
  • The original repair order

Please note that all claims must be fully substantiated.

How will I be reimbursed?

  • Once your claim has been verified, the item will be repaired or replaced at the Benefit Administrator’s The replacement or repair will be for no more than the original

purchase price of the covered item less shipping and handling fees, up to a maximum of ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars, as recorded on your card receipt, and fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars maximum per Account.

  • Extended Warranty Protection will pay the facility directly for repairs, if possible, or you may go to an authorized repair facility and file a claim for Only valid and reasonable repairs made at the  manufacturer’s  authorized  repair  facility  are  covered.  In either case, the Benefit Administrator’s payment, replacement, or repair made in good faith will fulfill the obligation under the benefit.
  • You will only be reimbursed up to the amount charged to your Account or the program limit, whichever is Additionally, any purchases made using rewards points associated with the Account are eligible for this benefit and you will only be reimbursed up to the dollar amount to replace or repair the item or the program limit, whichever is less.

Under normal circumstances, reimbursement will take place within five (5) business days of receipt and approval of all required documents.


Extended Warranty Fine Print by Card

What is Covered

We will pay Your Loss up to the actual amount charged to Your Account (including applicable sales tax) for the item for which a Loss is claimed, but not to exceed the original cost of the item or $10,000, whichever is less. If you incur multiple Losses for the same item, the aggregate payments too shall not exceed the lesser of the original cost of the item or $10,000, whichever is less.

Only valid and reasonable repairs up to the purchase amount of the item made at a manufacturer and/or retailer’s authorized repair facility are covered.

If You experience more than one Loss in a calendar year, We will pay an amount not to exceed $50,000 for all Losses per Card Member Account in each calendar year. Our benefit payment will not include any product rebates, discounts or money received from the lowest price comparison programs that reduced the original cost of the item.

For Accounts enrolled in the Membership Rewards Points and/or Pay with Points program(s), an item is eligible for coverage under this Plan if it was purchased through the redemption of Membership Rewards Points and/or Pay with Points. Our benefit payment will not exceed the amount of the Membership Reward Points and/or Pay with Points You redeemed to purchase the item. Benefits will not be paid when redemption of Membership Rewards Points and/or Pay with Points have been transferred to a non-eligible card account or non-Card Members.

Our benefit payment will not include payment of expenses or fees related to shipping and handling, installation, assembly, professional advice, maintenance or other service charges related to the repair, replacement or reimbursement of Your product.

Length of Coverage

Where a Loss has occurred during the Extended Warranty Period, We will provide a benefit equal to the coverage of the original manufacturer’s warranty on warranties of up to five (5) years.

If the item is also covered by a purchased service contract, the Extended Warranty Period begins at the end of the purchased service contract and extends the original manufacturer’s warranty for a period of time equal to the warranty, up to one (1) additional year.

If the combined coverage of the original manufacturer’s warranty and the purchased service contract exceed five (5) years, the item purchased is not eligible for benefits under this Plan.

If the Card Member is notified that a warranty has ended for any reason (including, but not limited to, bankruptcy of the manufacturer or other responsible party), this Plan will continue to provide coverage, not to exceed the original manufacturer’s warranty up to one (1) year from the date the Card Member is notified of such event. The Card Member may be asked to provide proof of notification in the form of a public announcement or other official documentation.

Only a Card Member has a legal and equitable right to any insurance benefit that may be available under this Plan.



General Exclusions

Benefits are not payable if the Loss for which coverage is sought was directly or indirectly, wholly or partially, contributed to or caused by:

  1. war or acts of war (whether declared or undeclared), participation in a felony, riot, civil disturbance, protest or insurrections, service in the armed forces or units auxiliary to it;
  2. any physical damage, including, but not limited to, damage as a direct result of natural disaster or a power surge, except to the extent the original manufacturer’s warranty covers such damage;
  3. mechanical failure covered under product recall; or
  4. fraud or abuse or illegal activity of any kind by the Card

Purchases Not Covered

The following purchases are not covered:

  1. products covered by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee;
  2. animals or living plants;
  3. consumable or perishable items with extended or limited life spans (including, but not limited to; food, perfume, light bulbs, batteries);
  4. motorized vehicles (including, but not limited to, passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes) and their parts, subject to high risk, combustion, wear and tear or mileage stipulations (including, but not limited to, batteries, carburetors, pipes, hoses, pistons, brakes, tires, mufflers);
  5. motorized devices and their parts used for agriculture, landscaping, demolition or construction;
  6. motorized devices  and  their  parts  which  are permanent  additions  or  fixtures  to a residential  or commercial building unless the item can be removed without causing damage to the structure;
  7. business fixtures, including, but not limited to, air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters and/or any item that cannot be removed without causing damage to the structure;
  8. land or buildings;
  9. more than one article in a pair or Coverage will be limited to no more than the value of any particular part or parts, unless the articles are unusable individually and cannot be replaced individually, regardless of any special value they may have had as part of a set or collection;
  10. additional service contract or extended warranty coverage for a computer, computer component or part that You buy which already comes with an original United States of America, Puerto Rico or the S. Virgin Islands manufacturer’s and/or retailer’s warranty, unless such coverage is provided and administered by the original manufacturer; and
  11. items purchased for use as inventory, resale, professional, or commercial use (including but not limited to professional education, training or skills, or to be used in professional competition).


If You experience a Loss for which You believe a benefit is payable under this Plan, You must provide both Notice of Claim and Proof of Loss.

To insure prompt processing of Your claim, report any Loss immediately following the date of the Loss, including for gifts purchased on your Account. Retain Your receipts and Your damaged property (if applicable) until the claim process is complete.

We will decide whether to do one of the following: 1) have the product repaired; 2) have the product replaced; or 3) reimburse You up to the amount of the item purchased on Your Account.

Notice of Claim

During the Extended Warranty Period, Notice of Claim should be provided to Us within thirty (30) days of the Loss. You may contact the Company by calling toll-free stateside 1-800-225-3750 or, if from overseas, by calling collect 1-303-273-6498. You may also write to Us at Extended Warranty, PO Box 981553, El Paso TX 79998-9920.

Failure to provide Notice of Claim within thirty (30) days will not invalidate a claim or reduce any benefit payment that may be found to be eligible, if it can be shown that Notice of Claim was provided as soon as reasonably possible. At the time You provide Us with Notice of Claim, We will assist with completion of the Proof of Loss by providing You with instructions and/or documents, which You may have to complete and return to Us.  You are required to cooperate with Us and provide documentation as requested by Us which is required and necessary to process Your claim and determine if benefits are payable.

Our Plan matches the terms of and extends Your original manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, Notice of Claim requirements within your original manufacturer’s warranty may vary with respect to date of report versus date of loss. Please review Your original manufacturer’s warranty for further details. No claim will be denied based upon Your failure to provide notice within such specified time, unless this failure operates to prejudice Our rights.

Proof of Loss

If required, a claim form will be sent to You after We receive notice of loss. Written proof of loss, which includes the signed claim form and all other requested documentation, must be received within sixty (60) days after We have provided You with instructions and/or a claim form in response to Your Notice of Claim, or Your claim may be denied. The proof of loss must be sent to: Extended Warranty Claims Unit, PO Box 981553, El Paso TX 79998-9920. If the required proof of loss and other documentation is not received within sixty (60) days of Our request (except for documentation which has not been furnished for reasons beyond Your control), coverage may be denied. It is the Your responsibility to provide all required documentation.

Proof of Loss may require documentation consisting of, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  1. an Extended Warranty claim form;
  2. the original itemized store receipt with applicable sales tax included;
  3. a copy of the original manufacturer’s warranty and any additional retailer’s warranty and/or service contract, if applicable; and
  4. a repair estimate for the product by an authorized retailer that has been approved by the manufacturer

You may be required to send in the product to Us at Our expense for further evaluation of Your claim. If requested, You must send in the product within sixty (60) days from the date of Our request to remain eligible for coverage.

Payment of Claims

A claim for benefits provided by this Plan will be paid within thirty (30) days upon Our receipt and review of Your complete Proof of Loss documentation and Our determination that a claim is payable according to the terms of the Plan.

Any payment made by Us in good faith pursuant to this or any other provision of this Plan will fully discharge Us to the extent of such payment.

For items purchased under installment billing plans, We will pay the amount that has been billed up to the date of Loss. Once the remaining balance has been paid or fulfilled by You, We will pay the remaining balance to You.



To be eligible for coverage, you must pay for the item at least in part with your Citi card and/or ThankYou®  Points. We will only reimburse you up to the actual amount charged on your Citi card and/or ThankYou®  Points.

We will extend the manufacturer’s warranty for an additional 24 Months. If you purchase an extended warranty, our coverage begins at the expiration of that warranty. In the event of a covered failure we will repair or replace the item or reimburse up to the amount charged on your Citi card and/or ThankYou®  Points (excluding shipping and handling) or $10,000, whichever is less. In no event will total coverage exceed 84 Months from the purchase date.

Maximum Coverage Per Item

Coverage is limited to the lesser of the following:

  • The cost to repair or replace the it
  • The purchase price of the it
  • The amount charged to the Citi card (including ThankYou®   Points).
  • $10,000 per item.

We will decide if a covered failure will be repaired or replaced, or whether you will be reimbursed up to the amount paid with your Citi card and/or ThankYou®  Points. Items will be replaced with those of like kind and quality. However, we cannot guarantee to match exact color, material, brand, size, or model.

Coverage only applies to the item that fails, not to any other property that’s damaged by it.


Purchases made by you using your Citi card and/or ThankYou® Points.


Coverage does not apply to the following items:

  • Boats, cars, aircraft, or any other motorized land, air or water vehicles and their original equipment. Tires are not cover
  • Services (such as product installation, repairs, maintenance or diagnostics) unless covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Used, antique or pre-owned items.
  • Items purchased for resale, professional or commercial us
  • Land or buildings; housing properties.
  • Plants and live animals.
  • Items that do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Coverage doesn’t apply under these circumstances:
  • You fail to care for or service the item appropriately as required by the manufacturer.
  • The item has a product defect, recall, or experiences normal wear and tear where no failure has occurr
  • The item is damaged because of an act of God, such as a flood, hurricane, lightning, wind or earthquake.


Please follow the steps below and pay close attention to the deadlines to make sure you remain eligible for coverage.

  1. To file a claim, call 1-866-918-4670 as soon as possible after the incident. We will ask you a few questions, send you a claim form and advise you what documents we may need to support your Or you can visit to download a claim form for submission.
  2. Return the claim form and all requested documents within 180 days of the date of incident. We will notify you of our decision once we’ve processed your
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