Best Ways to Earn Turkish Airlines Miles

Turkish Airlines Logo

Transfer Partners to Turkish Airlines

The only 1 to 1 transfer partner is Citi ThankYou Rewards. Marriott is a 3 to 1 transfer partner and you get a 5,000 airline point bonus when you transfer 60,000 Marriott points.

Flying on Turkish Airline and Partner Airlines

You can see the points earn rate for Turkish Airline and each partner on their website by clicking on each airline’s logo. (On that same page, you can also see all of their partners such as car rentals and hotels)

Travel Partners

  • Turkish Airlines has a large number of hotel, car rental, and other partners.

Marriott Flights and Nights

You can earn 110,000 Turkish Miles plus 7 nights in a Category 1-4 Marriott for 330,000 Marriott points via Marriott’s Flights and Night Package. However, I prefer the Alaska Airlines flights and night package.

Hotel Portals

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