Citi Credit Card Application Rules and Tips

Application Limit

  • You will only be approved for one personal Citi card every eight days and only two personal or business credit applications are considered every 65 days.
  • You should also only apply to one Citi business card every 95 days.
  • All of these deadlines are based on applications submitted, so if you apply and you are denied, that resets the clock. 

Inquiry Limit

  • If you have more than six inquiries within the last six months, there is a high likelihood that your Citi application will be denied.

Application Status

Points Pooling

  • You can share up to 100,000 ThankYou points per year with another ThankYou cardholder. These points expire within 90 days of the transfer, so transfer them quickly to a loyalty program. Additionally, you cannot transfer those ThankYou points back to the original cardholder.

Annual Fee Refunds

  • You must cancel within 60 days of the annual fee posting.

Bonus Limit

Citi has a 24-month rule on sign up bonuses, but the timing is slightly different based on which of the two “card families” your card falls under. 

The first card family is the Thank You Rewards points cards, which are the Prestige, Premier, Rewards+, and Rewards+ Student (The ATT Access card earns Thank You Points, but is not in this card family). In this card family, you to wait 24 months from the last date of any of the following events:

  • Sign-up bonus
  • Closing the credit card
  • Switching your card to a different product (e.g., Citi Prestige to Citi Premier/Double Cash/ATT)

For example, if you got a bonus in April 2018, but then asked Citi to change your card from the Citi Prestige to Citi Premier in April 2019, you would have to wait until May 2021 to get a new bonus since the product change reset your 24-month date. 

The second card family is Citi’s American Airlines personal credit cards that have annual fees, which are Platinum and Executive World Elite credit cards. These cards require you to wait at least 24-months from the date you open or close the credit card to get another sign-up bonus. Therefore, it is best to hold onto your American Airlines card for at least 24 months and only cancel the first card until you receive a bonus on your second American Airlines card. 

The other two American Airlines cards (Business Platinum and Mile-Up) are not considered part of the card family, which means you can get a bonus on both the Platinum and Business Platinum (and/or Mile-Up) cards within 24 months.