Citi Credit Card Application Rules and Tips

Application Limit

  • You will only be approved for one personal Citi card every eight days and only two personal or business credit applications are considered every 65 days.
  • You should also only apply to one Citi business card every 95 days.
  • All of these deadlines are based on applications submitted, so if you apply and you are denied, that resets the clock. 

Inquiry Limit

  • If you have more than six inquiries within the last six months, there is a high likelihood that your Citi application will be denied.

Application Status

Points Pooling

  • You can share up to 100,000 ThankYou points per year with another ThankYou cardholder. These points expire within 90 days of the transfer, so transfer them quickly to a loyalty program. Additionally, you cannot transfer those ThankYou points back to the original cardholder.

Annual Fee Refunds

  • You must cancel within 60 days of the annual fee posting.

Bonus Limit

Citi has two sets of rules for receiving an additional sign up bonus:

  • American Airlines Cards- 48 months since your last bonus on that specific card. For example, you could open an American Airlines Platinum and American Airlines Executive card and get a sign-up bonus for each. However, you would not receive another bonus on a Platinum or Executive card if you opened another one within 48 months. 
  • Prestige, Premier, Rewards+, and Rewards+ Student– 24 months from a sign-up bonus on any of these cards. For example, if you received a bonus for the Premier card, you have to wait 24 months to receive a bonus on either the Rewards+ or Prestige card.
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