Capital One Card Application Rules and Tips

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Application Limit– You can only apply for one Capital One credit card every six months.

Card Limit- You can only have two Capital One credit cards at the same time. 

All Three Bureaus– Capital One will, unfortunately, pulls all three credit bureaus. Most banks only pull one bureau and pulling all three may affect your ability to get other issuer’s cards if they do not like applicants with a large number of hard credit inquiries.

Bonus Limit– You can get a bonus more than once.

Prequalified Offers– You can check your prequalified offers here.

Application Status– You cannot check your status online, you must call 800-903-9177.

Reconsideration Number– Capital One does not have a specific reconsideration phone line, but you can call 800-625-7866. 

Retention Bonuses– If you call to cancel when your annual fee posts to your account, Capital One may offer to waive the annual fee. 

Capital One Cafes- Capital One actually has several Cafes where you can get coffee for 50% off and other cool events. Currently, there are 29 locations (you can see the list at the bottom of this page)

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