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Top Credit Card Benefits and Perks

1.     Southwest’s Companion Pass

A Southwest Companion pass allows a designated companion to fly with you for almost free for an unlimited amount of times for up to two years. All you have to do is pay the taxes on a ticket, which is only $5.60 for flights within the U.S. You can currently earn this status by opening up a Southwest personal and business credit cards. For more information, visit our Companion Pass page.

2.     Citi Prestige Fourth Night Free

If you book four nights at a hotel, the Citi Prestige will give you a rebate for the fourth night. This perk is extremely valuable for traveling consultants. For example, if you were a traveling consultant that stayed forty weeks a year in at $150 a night hotels with a check-in on Monday and check-out on Friday, you would receive a rebate of $6,000 a year.

However, in September 2019, the fourth night free goes from unlimited uses to only two times per year.

3.     $100 Airfare Discount (Visa Infinite)

The Chase Ritz Carlton Card and CNB Crystal Visa Infinite offer $100 off airfare for two or more people for domestic travel on Delta, American, United, Alaska, and JetBlue through the Visa Infinite Portal. You can use this perk as many times as you want, which can be very valuable for traveling couples. For more information on Ritz Carlton card, visit our Chase Marriott page.

4.      Admirals Club Membership for You and up to 10 Users

American Airline’s Admirals Club (airport lounges) costs $550 a year per person. However, with the Citi Executive American Airlines card, you can get an Admirals Club membership for you and up to ten authorized users for only a $450 annual fee. You and each authorized user can also bring in two guests, so in total, you could bring in 33 people into the Admirals club lounge access.For more information, visit our Citi American Airlines page.

5.      Airport Lounge Access

Airport Lounge Access is one of the top credit card benefits out there. The ability to have a quiet place to relax, eat free food, drink free alcohol, and access to more private bathrooms will really improve your travel experience. Some lounges even have private nap rooms, showers, free massage therapists, and free manicures.  Once you get accustomed to spending time in airport lounges, you won’t ever want to spend time in a regular terminal every again. Additionally, many cards allow you to bring guests in with you.

For more information, visit our Airport Lounge Access page.

6.        Annual Free Hotel Night

Several Hotel credit cards offer a free hotel night each year that you hold their credit card including the IHG, Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton Aspire. For More Information, visit our Annual Free Hotel Night page.

7.         Travel Credits

Most people are intimidated by premium cards high annual fees of $400-550. However, when you factor in the travel credits you get in return, the annual fee seems less intimidating. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve has an annual fee of $450, but it offers a $300 travel credit each cardmember year that can be used on anything travel related including airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc. That $450 annual fee effectively only becomes $150, which is worth it because you get airport lounge access, trip delay insurance, $100 Global Entry credit, primary rental car insurance, and 3x points on travel and dining.

For more information on travel credits and the cards that offer them, visit our Travel Credits page.

8.      Trip Delay Insurance

If you experience a long airline delay and book with certain cards, you can spend up to $500 a day per covered traveler, which could include $500 for each family member, for “reasonable expenses” and get reimbursed. For example, with the Citi Prestige card, if your trip is delayed more than 3 hours, you can go spend up to $500 a day. You could buy a hotel room, lounge access, food, etc. and Citi will reimburse you. 

For more information, visit our Trip Delay Insurance page.

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