Barclays Credit Cards Rules and Tips for Applications

Good Things About Barclays

Low or No Minimum Spend– Barclays generally requires the lowest minimum spend requirements to get a sign-up bonus. For example, the American Airlines Red Aviator’s bonus only requires one purchase. 

Downgrade or Retention Offers– Most Barclays cards have no annual fee versions that you can downgrade to if you can’t justify paying the annual fee. However, I find that tell them that you are considering canceling the card, they will waive the annual fee in most cases or give you a spending bonus offer. 

Bad Things About Barclays

Lack of Premium Card– Every major issuer has a “Premium Card” such as the American Express Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi Prestige/Citi American Executive, US Bank Altitude Reserve, or Bank of America Premium Rewards (semi-premium). Barclays’ Arrival Plus has a $89 annual fee after the first year and no real benefits to go with it such as lounge access, airline fee credit, Global Entry credit, etc. 

Hard to Get Approved- Barclays can be one of the harder issuers to get approved for certain credit cards. They want to see spending on your current Barclays cards and recently implemented the Arrival Plus rule (detailed below). 

Rules and Tips

Arrival Plus Rule: Datapoints suggest that you will be auto-denied for the Arrival Plus card if you have opened 8 or more cards in the past 24 months. Therefore, you should try to apply for that particular card when you are 6-7 cards in the past 24 months. For how to calculate this number, see our Chase 5/24 Rule page

Application Status Check: Online Status Checker

Reconsideration: 1-866-408-4064 (8 am to midnight)

Application Tip: If you already have a Barclays card and want another one, Barclays likes to see that you regularly spend money on your current Barclays card. Therefore, spend some on your Barclays card a month before your application for the best odds of approval. 

Multiple Applications: You can combine hard inquiries and be approved for two cards in the same day. 

Credit Pull: Barclays typically pulls your TransUnion credit report.

Annual Fee Refund- You will receive a full refund if you cancel within 60 days of the date that the annaul fee is charged. 

Retention Offers– Barclays will usually waive the annual fee if you tell them you are considering canceling the card. Alternatively, you can usually downgrade to a no-fee version of the card. 

Six Month Rule– This rule is not a definite rule, but it is suggested that you wait at least six months between canceling a Barclays card and reopening the same Barclays card again.

Minimum Spending Time: The clock starts from approval of the card, not from when you receive the card. (Usually, it is 90 days from approval)

Multiple Bonuses– It is possible to get bonuses multiple times, however, we advise you wait at least six months from card closure to reapplication. 

Annual Fee Refund: Barclays will refund the annual fee within sixty days of posting. 

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