Credit Card Baggage Delay Insurance Guide

Baggage Delay Insurance generally gives you a certain amount per day to spend on clothing, toiletries, etc., if your bag is delayed by more than six hours. Some portion of the airfare should have been purchased using the card. Additionally, the coverage is secondary, so you need to file claims with airline and any paid travel insurance you have. Lastly, coverage typically is not applicable when your destination is the city of your permanent residence. 

Filing Claim: First, notify the airline about the lost or delayed luggage by filing a report at the baggage office. Be sure to save a copy of the report. Second, you need to get documentation from the airline about their efforts to locate your bag and information on filing a claim. Third, you need to keep the original itemized receipt for anything you bought while your baggage was delayed. Fourth, keep any information you get when your bag is delivered. Lastly, you need to call your card issuer to figure out the forms and procedures on filing a claim.


  • American Airlines Executive- 3 hours or more; $500; you, immediate family, and authorized users. (doesn’t cover award travel)
  • American Airlines Platinum- 6 hours or more; $100; you and your immediate family.
  • Premier- 6 hours or more; $100; you and your immediate family. 


  • Sapphire Preferred/Reserve/United Explorer- 6 hours or more; $100 a day for up to five days; you and your immediate family.

Fine Print


What is the Baggage Delay benefit?

  • The Baggage Delay benefit is an insurance plan that provides reimbursement of the emergency purchase of essential items if an Insured Person’s baggage is delayed or misdirected by a Common Carrier for more than six (6) hours while on a Common Carrier Covered
  • The plan is automatically provided to you as a Chase Cardholder and your Immediate Family Members at no additional cost.

What is a Common Carrier Covered Trip?

  • It’s travel on a Common Carrier (see definitions section) when some portion of the fare for transportation has been charged to your Account issued by Chase Bank USA, A. and/or its affiliates.
  • It also travels on a Common Carrier when free flights have been awarded from frequent flier or Rewards programs, provided that all of the miles or Rewards points were accumulated from a Rewards program sponsored by Chase Bank USA, A. and/or its affiliates.

The Baggage Delay benefit amount is in excess of any travel insurance purchased by the Insured Person for the same Covered Trip or indemnity or reimbursement from the airline, cruise line, railroad,  station authority, or occupancy provider available to you or your Immediate Family Member.

Coverage  Information Who is covered?

You, the Primary Insured Person, and your Immediate Family Members are covered. Immediate Family Members means your Spouse or Domestic Partner and their children, including adopted children or stepchildren; legal guardians or wards; siblings or siblings-in-law; parents or parents-in-law; grandparents or grandchildren; aunts or uncles; nieces or nephews.

If I charge multiple Common Carrier fares on my Account for myself and Immediate Family Members, does this benefit apply separately to each person?

Yes, each Insured Person is eligible to receive the benefit.

Are my Immediate Family Members covered if I am not traveling with them?

Yes. The Company will pay the corresponding benefits regardless of whether you are traveling with them, as long as you have charged some portion of a Common Carrier fare for the Immediate Family Members (minus any redeemable frequent flyer miles, Rewards points, coupons or certificates or other types of redeemable Rewards) to your Account (subject to the terms and conditions of this description of coverage).

What is covered?

The benefit covers up to one hundred ($100.00) dollars per day for a maximum of five (5) days and is limited to emergency purchases of essential items needed as a result of the delay including but not limited to: clothing, toiletries, and charging cables for cellular telephones, however, only one (1) cellular telephone charging cable shall be covered per Baggage Delay claim.

What is not covered?

Essential items not covered by Baggage Delay include, but are not limited to:

  • contact lenses, eyeglasses or hearing aids
  • artificial teeth, dental bridges or prosthetic devices
  • tickets, documents, money, securities, checks, travelers checks and valuable papers
  • business samples
  • jewelry and watches
  • cameras, video recorders, cellular telephones and other electronic equipment and their accessories other than charging cables for cellular  telephones

In addition, this insurance does not apply to:

  • any loss of property caused by or resulting from, directly or indirectly, the commission or attempted commission of any illegal act by you or intentional act including but not limited to any
  • any loss of property occurring when 1) the United States of America has imposed any trade or economic sanctions prohibiting insurance of any loss of property; 2) there is any other legal prohibition against providing insurance for any loss of property; or 3) in the event of a declared or undeclared War.

When does my coverage become effective?

Your insurance becomes effective on the latest of the following:

  • the date on which you first meet the eligibility criteria as an Insured Person
  • the date for which the premium for your insurance is paid by Chase Bank USA, A. and/or its affiliates

When does my coverage terminate?

Your insurance automatically terminates on the earliest of the following:

  • the termination date of the policy
  • the expiration of the period for which the required premium has been paid for you
  • the date on which you no longer meet the eligibility criteria as an Insured Person
  • the date on which the Company pays out 100% of the benefit amount

Do I need to notify anyone that I’ve booked a Common Carrier fare to obtain this insurance?

No, it is not necessary for you to notify Chase Bank USA, N.A. and/or its affiliates, the administrator, or the Company when you purchase your tickets.

Claim Information

Specific questions and request for claims forms may be submitted to the Plan Administrator at the following address:

Plan Administrator Card Benefit Services

P.O. Box 72034 Richmond, VA 23255

What types of documentation may be requested when a claim is submitted?

Some of the documentation the Company may request includes, but is not limited to:

  • a completed claim form
  • a copy of the travel itinerary
  • written confirmation of the Baggage Delay from the Common Carrier
  • a copy of the credit card statement that shows the charge for the Common Carrier fare
  • a copy of the settlement or denial from the Common Carrier
  • copies of receipts for the purchase of essential items over twenty-five ($25.00) dollars

How long do I have to file a claim after the baggage delay occurs?

You must provide a written claim notice within twenty (20) days after the occurrence or commencement of any loss covered by this policy or as soon as reasonably possible. The notice must include

enough information to identify you, and Chase Bank USA, N.A. and/or its affiliates. Please note that failure to provide a claim notice within twenty (20) days will not invalidate or reduce any otherwise valid claim if notice is given as soon as is reasonably possible.


You’re never at a loss when bags are late — buy what is needed, it’s covered.

If the Covered Traveler’s Common Carrier checked baggage is delayed on a Trip, we may reimburse the cost of necessary personal and business items until their baggage arrives. You are covered for up to

$100 per Covered Traveler, per Trip if the Covered Traveler’s checked baggage doesn’t get to their destination within 6 hours of arrival.

To be eligible for coverage under this benefit, your Citi card and/or ThankYou®  Points must be used to purchase at least a portion of the Common Carrier fare.

How Long are you Covered?From Trip Departure Date to Trip Completion Date.
Maximum Coverage per Covered Traveler per Trip$500

Common Carrier means a vehicle that’s licensed to transport any public passenger who pays a fare or buys a ticket, and is available on a regular schedule. Examples include planes, trains, ferries and cruise ships, but does not include taxis, car service, rental car, and rideshare service.

Trip means any pre-paid travel, tour or vacation when all or at least a portion of the Common Carrier fare was paid using your Citi card and/or ThankYou®  Points for all Covered Travelers.

Trip Departure Date means the date on which the Covered Traveler(s) are originally scheduled to leave on the Common Carrier.

Trip Completion Date means the date on which the Covered Traveler(s) are scheduled to return to their point of origin or to a different final destination.


Covered Travelers which means, you, your Family Members, and Traveling Companion(s) traveling on the Trip.

Family Members means your children, spouse, fiancée, Domestic Partner and their children, including adopted children orstep-children; legal guardians or wards; siblings or siblings-in-law; son-in-law or daughter-in-law; parents or parents-in-law; grandparents or grandchildren; aunts or uncles; nieces or nephews.

Traveling Companion means any individual(s) for whom you have paid to travel on your or your Family Member’s Trip.

Domestic Partner means a committed relationship between two unmarried adults, in which the partners, (1) are each other’s sole Domestic Partner, (2) maintain a common residence, (3) share financial obligations if both are employed, (4) are not married or joined in a civil union to anyone else or are not the Domestic Partner of anyone else, and (5) are not blood related.

You are still eligible for coverage on Trips for your Family Member(s) and their Traveling Companion(s) even if you are not traveling.


This benefit covers personal and business items that the Covered Traveler(s) may need when their baggage is delayed, such as toiletries or a change of clothes, unless they’re included in the “What’s Not Covered” list below.

There is no coverage when baggage is delayed returning to the Covered Traveler’s primary residence.

The coverage provided by this benefit is secondary. This means if the Common Carrier or another source reimburses the Covered Traveler(s) for any expenses, this benefit will cover only unreimbursed amounts.


Coverage does not apply to the following items:

  • Any items not contained in the checked baggage.
  • Traveler’s checks, tickets of any kind (g., for airlines, sporting events, concerts, or lottery), passport, visas, negotiable instruments, bullion, rare, or precious metals, stamps, and coins, currency or its equivalent.


Make sure the Covered Traveler notifies the airline (or other Common Carrier) before leaving the airport or station, and keep a copy of any report provided.

Please follow the steps below and pay close attention to the deadlines to make sure you remain eligible for coverage.

  1. To file a claim, call 1-866-918-4670 within 60 days of the bags being delay We will ask you a few questions, send you a claim form and advise you what documents we may need as proof to support your claim. Or you can visit to download a claim form for submission.
  2. Return the claim form and all requested documents within 180 days of the bags being delayed or as soon as reasonably possible. We will notify you of our decision once we’ve processed your

If you make a claim and receive payment, you won’t receive coverage for the same or similar items under any other Citi card benefit.