Allegiant Airlines

Good Things about Allegiant

New Aircraft Order– Allegiant will receive 30 new Airbus planes (14 A319s and 16 A320s) in 2018. This is the first time that Allegiant is getting new planes rather than buying used planes from other airlines (but they had no clue how to configure their planes).

Bad Things about Allegiant

Unsafe Airline– Allegiant has a very high record of in-flight breakdowns. 60 minutes even did a 26-minute story about Allegiant’s safety record. One of the main issues was Allegiant’s very old MD-80 airplanes, which are now all retired. I still would like to see an improvement in their safety culture before flying.


Main Cities: Orlando/Sanford, St. Petersburg (FL), Las Vegas, Phoenix, Fort Myers, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Fort Lauderdale.

Routes: Route Map

Fleet: Current Aircraft Fleet, Aircraft Orders, and Average Age of Planes

Seat Maps by Plane: SeatGuru

Aircraft Seat Dimensions:

  • Width: 17 inches (on Airbus)
  • Pitch/Leg room: 30 inches or 34 inches (Legroom+) (note: with Allegiant finally buying new planes rather than used, this will probably drop to 28 or 29 inches).


Earning and Using Points

Allegiant’s points system is pretty pointless. You cannot earn points by flying, but you can earn points via their credit card (I don’t recommend this card). The card offers a 15,000 point bonus (worth $150), has a $59 annual fee, and you can earn 3x on Alliegant purchases, 2x on dining, and 1x everywhere else. Each point is worth one cent towards travel (15,000 points = $150), so essentially this is a 1% cashback card that you can only redeem on Allegiant. The card does give you priority boarding and a free beverage, but a $59 annual fee means you should avoid this card at all costs. 

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