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The Ultimate Guide to Airspace Lounges [Access, Locations, Amenities]

Airspace lounge cleveland's bar

There are two Airspace Lounges in the United States. One in Cleveland and one in San Diego. There were two other Airspace Lounges in Baltimore and New York-JFK, but those were closed. 

Airspace Lounges are different than other airport lounges. You can still enjoy free light snacks, tea, coffee, and soft drinks, but any alcohol or other food must be purchased. 

Each guest gets a food and beverage credit ($7 in Cleveland and $10 in San Diego) to cover some of the cost. 

The food in the lounge costs about $6-10, beer is $8-9, and wine is $7-15, so your food and beverage credit will get you about one item. Hot food items are either microwaved or heated up in a toaster, so I typically either stick to an alcoholic drink or a cheese or a charcuterie board. 

I prefer Escape Lounges over Airspace Lounges, which you can both access with the American Express Platinum card. Escape Lounges offer unlimited complimentary food and alcoholic drinks, and the quality of the food is much better than Airspace Lounges. 

Airspace Lounge Access

You can access the Airspace Lounges for free with the American Express Platinum card, with two free guests or your immediate family members. All guests also get the food and beverage credit.

If you don’t have the Platinum card, it costs $20 for entry in Cleveland and $35 in San Diego. 

Airspace Lounge Cleveland

The Airspace Lounge in Cleveland is conveniently located right after security right before the entrance to the B Concourse.  You get a $7 credit per person at this lounge. 
The lounge is very small. There is a bar with seven seats (pictured above), a work area with 8 seats (pictured below), about 5 small tables with two seats each, a small conference room with four seats, and seating area with four comfy chairs.  If there were more than 10 people in there, it might seem crowded.
I have visited this lounge about five times. It is a nice place if you want to some work before your flight. But if you want food or drinks, you are better off using your Priority Pass at Bar Symon nearby for a $28 food and beverage credit. 
Cleveland Airspace lounge work area

Airspace Lounge San Diego

The Airspace Lounge in San Diego is located in Terminal 2 near the bridge to Terminal 2 West. This lounge also doubles as an Admirals Club, so you may see agents for American Airlines when you first walk in. 
This lounge is more like a traditional airport lounge, unlike Cleveland. The lounge is not huge, but there’s usually plenty of space.
There is a larger selection of free snacks at this location than Cleveland. Plus you have great views of airplanes on the tarmac.

There is a shower in the lounge. It is pretty small, but I enjoyed it. It is a nice amenity for a small lounge. Just ask one of the employees to put your name on the list for the shower and they will give you a little amenity kit and a towel. 

Air Space San Diego Shower

Some of the photos above are courtesy of Airspace Lounges

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