Guide to Airline Miles and Points Expiration Time

It is important to know your points expire in order to avoid losing a large stockpile of points. Most programs will allow you to renew the expiration date of your points by earning, transferring, or redeeming points. If you need some ideas on how to earn points for a specific program, visit our “Earning Points” page for each major airline or hotel (e.g., our United Airlines Earning Points page). You can also sometimes extend the life of the points by booking a hotel night with points and canceling it, which redeposits the points. 

Points earned from an airline or hotel credit card will not expire by closing the card, because the points are transferred from the card automatically at the close of each statement. American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou points will not expire as long as you have one card that earns those types of points. So if you have a large Chase Ultimate Rewards points balance and only one card that earns Ultimate Rewards points, don’t close that card until you either: (1) open another Ultimate Rewards card, (2) use those points via the Chase Travel Portal, or (3) transfer the points to an airline or hotel program. 

However, for some programs, it is impossible to extend the life of your points. I made this mistake early in my points career when I transferred a ton of American Express points to Etihad during a 30% transfer bonus. Etihad’s points expire 24 months from the point of the transfer and there is no way to extend them, so I had to book a decent award to avoid a total loss. 


Airline Expiration DateWays to Extend
Aegean60 monthsEarn 1 point from a paid flight
Aer Lingus36 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Aeroflot24 monthsEarn 1 point from a paid flight
Aeromexico24 monthsEarn 1 point
Aeroplan/Air Canada12 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point.
Air China24 months, but expire on December 31Not Possible
Air France/KLM24 monthsEarn 1 point from paid flight
Air New Zealand48 monthsNot possible
Alaska Airlines24 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
All Nippon Airways (ANA)36 monthsNot Possible
American18 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Asiana120 months (10 years)Not possible
Avianca12 monthsEarn 1 point
British Airways36 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Cathay Pacific36 monthsNot possible
China Southern36 monthsNot possible
Copa24 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Emirates36 monthsNot possible
Etihad24 monthsNot possible
EVA36 monthsNot possible
Frontier6 monthsEarn 1 point
Hainan24 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Hawaiian18 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Iberia36 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
JAL36 monthsNot possible
Korean120 months (10 years)Not possible
LATAM36 months1 point from a paid flight
Lufthansa36 monthsNot possible
Qantas18 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Qatar36 monthsNot possible
Singapore36 monthsNot possible
Southwest24 monthsEarn 1 point
Spirit3 monthsEarn 1 point
Thai36 monthsNot possible
Turkish36 monthsNot possible
United18 months (unless you have United credit card)Earn or redeem 1 point
Virgin Atlantic36 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point
Virgin Australia24 monthsEarn or redeem 1 point


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