Flight Deal Text Notifications

If you want text notifications in addition to our emails, you will need to create an account on IFTTT.com. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. I am a huge fan of IFTTT and it allows me to automate a lot of tasks. We do send out deals at all hours of the day especially early in the morning. So if you keep ringer on, text notifications might not be a good idea. 

After you created your account, click “My Applets” and then click “New Appelet” on the far right side.

You will then see a screen that says “if this then that.” Click the blue plus sign. 

You will then see a ton of Applets that you can choose. For our purposes, you can search Gmail if you have Gmail or email if you have any other email provider. You will be then prompted to connect your Gmail or Email to IFTTT. 

You then need to choose your trigger. If you want all of our emails sent to your phone, choose “new email in inbox from” then input deals@dealspoints.com. If you want only specific emails such as Mistake Fares, you could select “new mail in inbox from search” and then input “Mistake” in the search box. Or if you live in a smaller city but subscribe to several large cities, you could enter your small city in the search box.

  • Important Note– We do send flight deals at all times of the day including very early in the morning, so SMS notifications might not be a good idea if you keep your notification ringer when you sleep.

You will next be prompted to choose your next trigger, so choose SMS. You will then need to connect your phone number and IFTTT will send you a notification of a four digit pin, which you will need to need to input. You are only given one option at the next screen, so select “Send me an SMS” and then “Create Action.”

You are now at the final screen. I suggest you unselect the option “Receive notifications when this applet is runs.” Click finish and you are done. If you need to pause this notification, sign back in to IFTTT and click “My Applets.” You can then turn on or off each Applet.

IFTTT can do some many other cool things. I highly recommend you play around with it. I have about 100 Applets that run for myself and Deals Points.