Bank Of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card

Personal Application Link (Target: 40,000; Current: 40,000) (link includes $121 companion fare at sign-up)

Business Application Link (Target: 40,000; Current: 40,000) (link includes $121 companion fare at sign-up)

Annual Fee: $75

Earning: 3x on Alaska, 1x everywhere else

Card Benefits:

  • Free checked bag (up to 6 passengers on same reservation)
  • $121 companion fare every anniversary
  • No foreign transaction fees

Business Card Additional Benefits:

  • 20% back on Alaska Airlines inflight purchases, including of food, beverages, and wifi
  • 50% discounts on Alaska Lounge day pass, which allows you to buy lounge access for $25 per visit. 

Important Note: If Bank of America deems you too risky, they may instead approve you for the Platinum Plus card instead of the one above. In the past, there were big differences between the Visa Signature and Platinum Plus version. However, Bank of America changed it so that the cards are almost identical, but the Platinum Plus will have a lower credit limit and won’t have the Visa Signature benefits. 

Companion Fare: The Alaska Airlines Companion fare can be a great deal. It allows someone to fly with you on a roundtrip flight for a discounted rate (you can estimate the taxes using ITA Matrix). You must book the companion fare within 12 months of its issue date, but you can travel outside that 12 month period. The companion fare will show up in your Alaska Airlines account, and you can redeem it by selecting the discount and companion fare codes section in your “My Account” profile and clicking the “Shop” button. The discount will be automatically added at checkout when you buy a roundtrip flight for two people.  The great thing is that you don’t have to be traveling to use the companion fare. You can book it for anyone as long as you book and pay for the reservation. 

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