Check Citi Application Status and Reconsideration Line

If Citi did not automatically approve your credit card application, you can easily check the status online or by phone.

If you were denied, you can also call the number below and try to get your denial turned into an approval.

Checking Your Citi Card Application Online

You can easily check your Citi credit card application status online by:

  1.  Visiting Citi’s application status checker.
  2.  Entering your phone number, zip code, and date of birth.
  3.  Clicking “Check Your Status”
  4.  Your application with either be approved, denied, or still pending.
You can also check your Citibank application status with your Application ID and zip code. You can find your Application ID in the email Citi sent confirming your application. 
Citi Check Application Status Credit Cards

If your application status is pending, you may want to check back in 24 hours.

If your application was denied, you could try calling the reconsideration line (below).

Checking Your Citi Application Status by Phone

You can also check your Citi credit card application status by:

  1.  Calling 1-888-201-4523 (personal cards) or 1-800-645-7240 (business cards).
  2.  Pressing “1” for English.
  3.  Pressing “1” for Costco Cards or “2” for other cards.
  4.  Entering in your Social Security Number. 

Citi Reconsideration Line

You may be able to reverse a denied application by calling Citi’s reconsideration line to speak with a credit analyst.

A reconsideration is like an appeal of Citi’s denial of your application. 

Citibank’s reconsideration phone numbers are:

  •  Personal Cards: 1-800-695-5171 (8 AM to Midnight)
  •  Business Cards: 1-800-763-9795 (7 AM to Midnight)
Citi may ask you a few questions about your application and identity verification questions. Always be nice to the credit analyst. It can go a long way. 
Citi will also tell you why your application was denied (or you can wait for the letter in the mail for this reason).
Citi may have denied you for legitimate reasons such as:
  1.  Too low of a credit score.
  2.  Too many credit cards or credit inquiries in the past year.
  3.  Bad history with Citi.
  4.  Errors on your application or credit report.
  5.  Citi has already extended you too much credit. 

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