Cinemark Movie Club Review

Cinemark Movie Club costs $8.99 per month and allows you to see one movie per month, no online ticketing fees, unused tickets roll over, and 20% off concessions. Plus you can buy a companion ticket for $8.99, and see another movie with a companion that month for only $8.99 each. 

Why We Chose Movie Club

MoviePass is on their death bed. I was an early adopter of MoviePass when they dropped to $10 per month for unlimited movies in August 2017. The service was amazing for exactly one year. You could see any movie at any theater and I regularly got $30-40 per month in value for my $10 per month. As most people predicted, the service was unsustainable. MoviePass’ leadership did not take the right steps quick enough to slow their dwindling cash reserves. MoviePass since August 2018, has become pretty much unusable. MoviePass started to only allow certain movies on certain days, which were usually small independent films. Gone were the days of being able to see a Marvel movie or the top blockbuster. Plus, a movie could be listed as available for that day, and then the ability to check-in disappeared sometime early in the day when MoviePass reached the maximum number of tickets they wanted to allow in that particular day. So we canceled and looked for other options.

Sinemia is untrustworthy. Sinemia, in theory, seems like a great replacement for MoviePass. Sinemia has several plans but the most popular is three movies per month for $8.99 and no membership fee if you pay for a year in advance (monthly is $19.99 membership fee to start). The issue is that Sinemia is not transparent and adds fees without notice. Sinemia previously issued physical cards, but then switched to cardless, which meant that you had to pay the Fandango or a movie theater’s online ticketing fee. Then without notice, Sinemia added a random $1.80 processing fee on top of the online ticketing fee. In response to a class-action lawsuit about the $1.80 fee, Sinemia re-introduced the physical card that avoids the $1.80 processing fee, but charged a one-time $15 per person fee for it. I decided to avoid them because (1) I don’t think they will last a full year (so you would have to do a chargeback on your credit card if you did the annual plan), and (2) I worry that they will add another fee or change their service again to prevent going out of business.

An AMC theater is not near me. AMC has an amazing subscription service called A-List. It costs $19.99 per month and allows you to see 3 movies per week in any format including IMAX. Plus there are no online ticketing fees, so you can choose your seat for free. Unfortunately, the closest AMC theater to me is 45 minutes away, whereas there is Cinemark theater that is only 10 minutes away. However, if an AMC were closer, I would definitely choose A-List over Cinemark Movie Club. 

Cinemark Movie Club is better than buying at the theater.  The Cinemark theater closest to me is very upscale with assigned seating and recliners. Two tickets including tax and online fees is $28.10 at my theater, whereas with Movie Club it is only $19.06 ($8.99 + tax *2). If we were to maximize Movie Club and buy two tickets for two movies, we would save $18.08 a month by subscribing to Movie Club over buying as a one-off purchase with the theater. Since the monthly movie credit rolls over each month, I am contemplating getting two subscriptions for my fiancee and I for those months in which we want to see 3 movies or more (e.g., I would use my monthly credit plus $8.99 for friend for Movie 1, she would use her monthly credit plus $8.99 for movie for friend for Movie 2, and I would pay $8.99 * 2 for the third movie). Plus you get 20% off concessions, which is another nice way to save money. 


Cinemark Movie Club is not as competitive as AMC’s A-List service, but if you don’t have an AMC near you, Movie Club is a pretty good option to save you money.