10 Benefits of the Cardless Boston Celtics Credit Card + Review

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Released by financial technology startup Cardless in 2021, the Boston Celtics Card earns 7 points on Boston Celtics game tickets, making it ideal for Boston fans. 

This card also earns 7 points on rideshare and streaming services and 4 points at bars and restaurants, so it’s easy to accrue points on everyday purchases. 

New cardholders will enjoy a welcome bonus of 30,000 points and a 20% discount for Celtics merchandise. What’s more, you can redeem your rewards and get memorabilia like an autographed jersey for your sports collection. 

All of these perks and rewards are available for zero annual fee.

Let’s discuss all the benefits the Boston Celtics Card offers.

Cardless Boston Celtics
  • Welcome Bonus of 30,000 Points
  • No Annual Fee
  • 7x Points on Celtics Tickets, and Select Ridesharing and Streaming Services
  • 4x Points on Bars and Restaurants
  • 2x Points on Groceries and Drug Stores
  • 20% Off Celtics Shop
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1. Welcome Bonus of 30,000 Points

You’ll get 30,000 bonus points as a new cardholder after spending $2,000 within your first three months of account opening. 

This signup bonus is equivalent to $300 in statement credits. 

2. 7X Points for Boston Celtics Game Tickets

The Boston Celtics credit card earns 7 points for Boston Celtics game tickets you buy directly from the Boston Celtics or through ticketmaster.com.

3. 7X Points on Rideshare Services and Select Streaming Services

Spending on the following rideshare and streaming services also earns you 7 points per dollar: 

  • Rideshare Services: Taxis, Uber, and Lyft
  • Streaming Services: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Discovery+, YouTube Music, HBO Max, HBO Now, Paramount+, Peacock, Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal

4. 4X Points at Bars and Restaurants and 2X Points at Groceries

The Boston Celtics Card has bonus categories for daily spending, earning 4 points on these purchases:  

  • Restaurants, including fast-food restaurants
  • Cafes, bars, and lounges

5. 2x Points on Groceries and at Drug Stores

The Cardless Boston Celtics card earns 2x points on groceries and drugstores.

6. 1X Point Everywhere Else

All other eligible purchases earn 1 point per dollar.

7. Redeem Rewards

Cardless makes it easy to redeem your points for gift cards, premium items, sports experiences, and more: 

Gift Cards – You can redeem your points at 1.25 cents each for Fanatics gift cards for Celtics gear. For example, 40,000 points get you a $475 Fanatics gift card. 

Statement Credits – Redemption is at 1 cent per point for statement credits. For example, you’ll get $400 in statement credits for 40,000 points.

Sports Items and Experiences – You can also get team-signed merchandise like an autographed Leone Powe jersey or an autographed Larry Bird basketball for your sports collection. Or redeem for game tickets to witness your favorite team’s match live at the court.

8. No Annual and Foreign Transaction Fees

Cardless offers nice perks and rewards without charging an annual fee, late payment fees, or foreign transaction fees.

9. 20% Off Online Celtics Store Purchases

Download the Cardless mobile app to receive your coupon code and get a 20% discount for Celtics merchandise you buy on nba.com/celtics.

10. Referral Bonus

If you like the Boston Celtics Card, you can refer a friend and earn 10,000 points if they’re approved.  

You’ll get referral bonus points if your friend applies for any Cardless credit card, including the New Orleans Pelicans, Miami Marlins, Manchester United, Liverpool FC, or Cleveland Cavaliers cards.

There is also a maximum number of referrals is 10 per calendar year (100,000 points from referrals).

11. Virtual Card for Immediate Online Transactions

All Cardless credit cards come with a virtual card number that you can use right away for online purchases. You can immediately buy your favorite sports merchandise online while waiting for your physical Mastercard to arrive in the mail.

Simply log into the Cardless app to access your virtual card number, expiration date, and digital security code. Cardless is mobile wallet-friendly and compatible with Apple Wallet and Google Pay, so you can use your virtual card anywhere mobile wallets are accepted. 

Cardless Boston Celtics Card Vs. Bilt Rewards

Like Cardless, Bilt Rewards is another budding startup that recently introduced a zero-annual-fee credit card in the past year. 

The Bilt Rewards card doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, but you can pay rent fee-free and earn 1x points. For example, if your rent was $2,500 per month, you could earn 30,000 points each year, not just as a one-time welcome bonus.

The Bilt Rewards also allows you to transfer points to airline and hotel partners including Hyatt, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Whereas, the Cardless card has limited redemption options to cash back, gift cards, and merchandise.

The Cardless card also lacks travel and purchase protections, whereas the Bilt Rewards card offers trip delay insurance, trip cancellation insurance, primary rental car insurance, and purchase protection.

The Cardless Celtics card beats the Bilt Rewards card for earning 7x points for rideshare and streaming purchases, while the Bilt card only earns 1x points.

Bilt Rewards Mastercard
  • Pay Rent Without Fees and Earn 1x Points
  • No Annual Fee
  • 3x Points on Dining
  • 2x Points on Travel
  • Transfer Rewards to Airlines and Hotels
  • Cell Phone, Rental Car, and Trip Delay Insurance
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The Verdict

Overall, the Boston Celtics credit card is a must-try if you’re an avid basketball fan who spends a lot on game tickets. This co-branded card also offers lucrative rewards for everyday purchases, including rideshare services, streaming subscriptions, restaurants, and groceries. 

The 4x points on dining is usually something you’d get from cards with annual fees. But with the Boston Celtics card, you can experience all the perks and rewards at zero annual cost. Plus, you’ll have the chance to use your points for a team-signed jersey or basketball, making the Boston Celtics Card perfect for sports enthusiasts.

Cardless Boston Celtics
  • Welcome Bonus of 30,000 Points
  • No Annual Fee
  • 7x Points on Celtics Tickets, and Select Ridesharing and Streaming Services
  • 4x Points on Bars and Restaurants
  • 2x Points on Groceries and Drug Stores
  • 20% Off Celtics Shop
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