Capital One Spark Cash Plus Credit Card Review

The Capital One Spark Cash Plus card offers a $1,000 cash back bonus and earns 2% cash back everywhere.

The biggest benefit is that there is no preset spending limit, but you must pay the card in full each year.

I don’t recommend this card past the first year because of its $150 annual fee. A business would have to spend $7,500 to break even on the Spark Cash Plus.

Deals Points Card Rating:
Capital One Spark Cash Plus

Spark Cash Plus Card Information

Application Link: Capital One Spark Cash Plus.

Current Sign Up Bonus: $1,000 cash back.

Recommended Bonus: At least $1,000.

Annual Fee: $150.

Earning Rewards: 2% cash back on all purchases.

Spark Cash Plus Card Benefits

No Preset Limit- There is no preset spending limit with this card, but you must pay the card in full each month or you will be charged a 2.99% monthly late fee

Potential $200 Annual Cash Bonus– Cardmembers who spend an incredibly high $200,000+ per year on the Spark Cash Plus card receive a $200 annual cash bonus.

No Foreign Transaction Fees– You can use your Spark Cash Plus card anywhere in the world without paying a foreign transaction fee.

Extended Warranty– You can get an additional year added to a warranty on eligible items.

Free Employee Cards- You can add as many employees as you want to your Spark Cash Plus account without paying a separate annual fee.