Capital One Credit Card Application Status and Reconsideration

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You can check your Capital One credit card application by:

  1. Calling 1-800-903-9177.
  2. Saying “application status.”
  3. Saying your social security number when prompted.
Unfortunately, you cannot check your Capital One application status online. But Capital One typically sends an email after your application about their decision.

If you received a message that you will receive a letter within 10 days, that typically means your application was rejected, but you could request Capital One reconsider your application.  

Capital One Reconsideration

You can call (800) 625-7866 to seek reconsideration of your Capital One credit card application.

Capital One does not have a specific number for reconsideration, but that number is the best number to call. 

However, it is very rare for Capital One to reverse a credit decision unlike many other credit card companies. 

The only exception would be if you were denied because they could not verify a detail in your application (e.g., if you recently moved and your new address is not associated with your credit profile).