American Express Plum Business Card Review

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The American Express Plum Business Card is pretty unique. You either get 1.5% cashback if you pay your balance within 10 days of the statement date, OR you get no cashback, but you get 60 days to pay your balance interest-free.

The Plum card’s annual fee is waived the first year, but after that, it is a very high $250 a year.

We recommend the Blue Business Plus card instead, which earns 2x American Express Membership Rewards points and has no annual fee.

Deals Points Card Rating:
American Express Business Plum Card

Plum Card Information

Application Link: American Express Plum Business Card.

Current Sign Up Bonus: No sign-up bonus.

Recommended Bonus: At least $600.

Annual Fee: $250, waived the first year.

Earning Rewards:

  • 1.5% cashback if you pay your balance within 10 days of the statement closing date.
  • Alternatively, you can pay your balance interest-free for 60 days from your statement date, but you forgo the 1.5% cashback. 

Plum Card Benefits

No Pre-Set Spending Limit– The Plum card is a charge card with no preset spending limit. 

Free Employee Cards– You can add employee cards to your account for no additional annual fee.

No Foreign Transaction Fees– You can use your Plum card anywhere in the world without having to pay a foreign transaction fee, which saves you about 3%. 

Secondary Rental Car Insurance– The Plum card offers secondary rental car insurance when you pay for your rental with your card. Secondary insurance pays for anything that your insurance does not pay when a rental car is damaged.

Extended Warranty– The Plum card extends the original manufacturer’s warranty up to an additional year of warranties of five years or less.

Purchase Protection– Items purchased with the Plum card are covered from theft or accidental damage for up to 90 days from purchase.

Return Protection– If a merchant refuses to accept an item’s return within 90 days, the Plum card can reimburse you the purchase price up to $300 per item.