Deals Points Airport Lounge Map [1500+ Lounges Mapped]

We mapped out over 1,500 airports lounges all across the globe including all of the Priority Pass Lounges excluding China since Google Maps does not work well there.

The great thing about this map is that you can use it on your mobile phone’s Google Maps or Google Drive applications. Just follow the instructions below.

The map is quite large and takes a few seconds to load from Google’s servers on this page, so be patient. 

Using the Lounge Map on Your Mobile Device

You can pull up the map on both Android and iOS devices, but the map works better on Android’s version of Google Maps.

The iOS version of Google Maps does not allow you to click the links to read reviews, fine print, etc.  You can pull the Lounge Map up in Google Drive with both iOS and Android to click the links and some additional features of the map. 

However, the disadvantages of using Google Drive over Google Maps is that you can’t use the GPS feature to see how close you are to a lounge and you have to pinch to zoom instead of using search box to find a lounge.

Android Devices Using Google Maps:

  1. Copy this link and paste it in a note-taking app.
  2. Click the link in your note-taking app. The map will briefly open in an internet browser and then should immediately open up Google Maps. 

iOS Devices Using Google Maps:

  1. You can either do the notepad method above or “Star” the Lounge Map above and complete the following instructions.
  2. Open Google Maps and click the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the search box.
  3. Click Your Places
  4. Scroll to the right to Maps
  5. Click the Deals Points Airport Lounge Map (To deactivate the map, (1) click the hamburger menu in the search box, (2) scroll down to and click Deals Points Airport Lounge Map.)
Accessing the Map Using Google Drive
  1. Star the Lounge Map above.
  2. Open up Google Drive and click on the Lounge Map. 

Customizing the Lounge Map

You can easily customize the lounges you see on the map. This feature can be helpful if you don’t have access to certain lounges. For example, if you have Priority Pass through American Express, you could un-check the Priority Pass restaurants box. 

  • On desktop, you can see the Legend on the left side and and check or un-check the red boxes.
  • On Google Maps, click the “View Map Legend” when the Lounge Map opens up and check or un-check the blue boxes.
  • On Google Drive, click the white box that says “Deals Points Airport Lounge Map” and check or un-check the red boxes.

We update this Lounge Map a few times per week and we try to ensure that all of the lounges have the correct information and location. If a Lounge’s information needs to be adjusted, please email [email protected]